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Space Cowboys (2006)

Space CowboysA Russian satellite is having problems with its' guidance system. The technology is dated, and the only one that has a solution to the problem is the person that designed it. That person is Clint Eastwood, and he has a hard time comprehending how they got a hold of classified information, but agrees to do what he can to help as long as they include his other buddies that were never given the chance to be in space. Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner, and Donald Sutherland are his partners in crime, and the situations and antics they get into are hilarious. What a stellar cast, and the supporting cast is just as impressive with James Cromwell, Marcia Gay Harden, and William Devane. This film is very entertaining, well acted, and has many memorable moments. It is one you will enjoy time after time.

This is a well acted film with a stellar cast. How can you go wrong with a movie that stars Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, and James Garner? Deftly directed by Clint Eastwood, it is a well made, entertaining film.

The plot revolves around a crisis in space that is triggered when a Russian satellite malfunctions and is due to collide with Earth in densely populated areas, unless someone can repair it in space. The problem is that the technology on the satellite is obsolete and no one knows how to tackle it except the inventor of that technology, retired Air Force pilot Frank Corvin, played by Clint Eastwood.

Corvin agrees to do so, but only on condition that he and his top gun crew of forty odd years ago go into space to do it themselves. Having been kicked out of the space program in 1958, he wants an opportunity for them to do what they had come so close to doing in the past. NASA agrees, but only if this now geriatric quartet can pass the physical. Their preparation for their big moment provides some laughs, as they ultimately prove themselves the physical equal of their younger counterparts and exceed them in experience and wisdom.

Permission for them to go into space is reluctantly granted, but much to their consternation, they ultimately realize they have been sold a bill of goods. Not only has NASA not been dealing in good faith with them, but they eventually discover that a much more serious problem than a satellite malfunction exists. Unfortunately, they do not discover it until they are out in space.

What happen in space will keep the viewer glued to his or her seat. There is action, pathos, tension, and heroics. It is a film that says that one is never too old for adventure.

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I must say that at a price of nearly 3.50 per movie you couldn't get a better deal on this. You get 4 good movies on 2 double sided discs. Of course I am only giving it 4 stars because of the fact that they are double sided discs. For about 4.00 more I would've been glad to pay for a 4 disc set of these movies. Other than that great movies and great deal.

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My wife and I picked up a number of Clint Eastwood DVDs and enjoyed them very much. Good entertainment, albeit somewhat violent in many cases! More recently, we bought a packet of four Clint Eastwood Comedies ("Space Cowboys," "Honkytonk Man," "Every Which Way But Loose," and "Any Which Way You Can"). The four-pack is an easy and inexpensive way to purchase four good Eastwood films, or you can buy them as individual DVDs. In any case, I reviewed each individual movie for Amazon. You can look them up if you're interested in my opinions.

I rated all four individual DVDs highly. They were very good! Perhaps "Any Which Way You Can" was my favorite (4 stars) and the somewhat dated "Space Cowboys" was my least favorite (3 stars), but only by a slight margin. Anyway, this 4 pack is a bargain over purchasing them as individual DVDs and they're all very entertaining movies. If you like Clint Eastwood movies, it's an economical choice. Oh, by the way, two movies are on each disc, one on either side. Some people don't like this arrangement so be aware.

Gary Peterson

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Clint Eastwood. Tommy Lee Jones. Donald Sutherland. James Garner. That's the way to start a movie. The movie starts out showing the guys as young men in 1958. They main goal is to become the first men in space, but after crashing their 3rd test plane in 10 months, they find out that another agency, NASA, has been givin' that job. The movie then fastforwards to the present. A Soviet satelite is getting ready to come down, but the Soviets are pushing to make sure that it stays in orbit because it is their only communication satelite. The engineers can't figure out how to get that technology to work as it is outdated. So they go to get help from the creator who happens to be Clint Eastwood. After initially turning them down because of his hatred for their superior (you'll find out why when you watch this movie), he finally agrees to help. His idea is to send him and his 3 buddies up. The catch is they have to pass the physicals and all other test that all other astronauts would to qualify. This is filled with Clint & Tommy Lee's characters constantly competing against one another which is hilarious throughout. Pretty soon, they are on talk shows and in newspapers everywhere and are making NASA popular again. But before they get to go up, one the crew is diagnosed with cancer. After some arguing, in which Clint believes his "enemy" is trying to keep him from going to space again, he finds out that the Vice President is insistent that they are sent into space to fix the satelite. And this is where it gets really exciting. With excellent acting, some great comedy in the beginning, and super special effects, this movie is a keeper.They constantly are making fun of their age and continually beat the odds. They also have an extended version from the movie of the guys on Jay Leno's show. It's pretty funny. Clint Produced, Directed, Starred, and also composed the beginning music for the movie. And what a terrific job he did. Get this movie and you won't dissapointed.

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