Saturday, December 7, 2013

Step Up 3 (Three-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy) (2010)

Step Up 3If I were rating Step Up 3D simply based on the acting or writing you know, the usual movie criteria then I'd have to give two stars out of five, at most. Heck, to this day I have trouble remembering the two lead characters' names because they were so bland and had zero personality. The only person I *do* remember clearly is Moose, played by Adam Sevani.

However, no one watches this sort of movie for the stellar acting or plot. There was one reason, and one reason only, why I watched Step Up 3D the dancing! And in that respect, the movie more than delivered. The dancing is absolutely fantastic. It's the sort of movie that makes you want to get up and dance yourself, or attempt to, anyway. And for a dance movie, I don't think there's any higher praise.

Another surprising highlight of this film was the 3d! It might sound laughable, but I think Step Up showcases some of the best use of 3D since Avatar. No, really. I think the difference between Step Up 3D and all of those other post-Avatar movies is that most of the latter were filmed in 2d and later converted to 3d film, whereas Step Up 3D was conceived in 3d and filmed with 3d cameras from the start. With other movies that have been converted to 3d, the 3d seems like nothing more than a dumb gimmick meant to drive up box office receipts. Step Up 3D on the other hand fully utilizes 3d technology in order to make the dancing really 'pop.' Unfortunately, since 3d-capable TVs are still a relative rarity, most people who watch the movie at home won't be able to see Step Up in 3d format.

In short: The acting? Meh. The characterization? Non-existent. The storyline? Trite. The 3D? Surprisingly great! The dancing? OMG COMPLETELY AWESOME I NEED TO SIGN UP FOR A DANCE CLASS RIGHT NOW!! (

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