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Rush Hour (2010)

Rush HourI love this movie. I didn't know how it would be at first. Mainly because of the huge difference in the two actors. Well after watching I realized that the two are perfect together. One plays a serious cop whos only goal is to solve the crime that has been committed. While the other is a cool, slick cop who likes women and having a good time. At first neither really gets along and they don't know how to act around each other. After a while of being together though this changes and they are both trying to solve the crime while having a bit of fun at the same time. This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time so I would say try it out.

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Rush Hour starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan is sort of a mixed bag. Partially a martial arts movie, but also, a comedy. I know it sounds weird ,but it works. A laugh a minute, as they say. Packed with action.

Recommended for fans of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.

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I get a kick out of this movie. The way Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker interact and play off each other is so hilarious. Jackie Chan's Hollywood career got a second break with Rush Hour and the plot has more substance than most Jackie Chan movies.

We got James Carter, played by Chris Tucker, who is an LAPD detective with a penchant for dancing Michael Jackson-style while blowing up blocks of buildings. This gets him into trouble with his sergeant who, at the request of the FBI, assigns him to a case where he ends up being a nurse maid to Lee (Chan), a Chinese detective who has just broken up a huge smuggling ring in Hong Kong. The FBI want Carter and Lee to not interfere with the investigation of the kidnapping of the Chinese Consul's daughter, but Lee and Carter do anyway, in their own charismatic manner and triumph where the FBI fail.

The martial arts expertise of Jackie Chan is fantastic and shows that his truly a master in what he does. Chris Tucker does a terrific job of playing the off the wall LAPD officer who trys to keep Chan's character out of the way of an investigation. Chris Tucker is an extremely well disciplined actor, and seems to go very smoothly with the styles of Jackie Chan. Not only is the action part of the movie good, the now common jokes in martial arts movies are all there, including many racial/cultural difference jokes not necessarily making fun of races, but the cultural differences. Rush Hour is nothing to take seriously, but it is fun to watch.

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Rush Hour starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan is the new breed of all action packed and humorous police films. This film will keep you laughing from start to finish. Chris Tucker is too funny for words and Jackie Chan still has the quickest hands of any martial artist I have ever seen-other than the great Bruce Lee. It is a great story of how two cops from two different worlds and with two completely different personalities join up under the premise of steering clear of an FBI investigation involving the kidnapping of a Chinese dignitary's daughter. Of course, Detective Carter (Tucker) eventually fails in his attempt to keep Inspector Lee (Chan) out of the investigation. The two, however, ultimately bond and join forces to crack the kidnapping case without the help of the FBI. Rush Hour is full of explosive action and comic wit. I especially enjoy the feature on this DVD that allows the viewer to see those scenes that were deleted from the film and the feature that allows you to jump to a particular scene. Rush Hour is a must have for all movie lovers. Kudos!!

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Detective Carter (Chris Tucker) who has the fastest mouth in the L.A. police force has an assignment to track down a Chinese Consular's daughter with the help of Hong Kong detective Lee (Jackie Chan). The Two aren't getting along quite well for Carter thinks everything is his way, for Lee the mission is important but eventually along the way they become friends and must stop the international criminal mastermind behind this.

Phenomenal and entertaining action-comedy that has the right ingredients to make one of 1998's most popular movies! Chan and Tucker make a great team together. The movie has a perfect mix of action, laughs, and stunts from Chan, it's the best work Brett Ratner has done and the sequel is even better.

The DVD has crisp picture and sound with cool extras like audio commentary, isolated score, Deleted scenes, featurette, a short film, the theatrical trailer, DVD-Rom extras and music video by Dru Hill.

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