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Osombie (2012)

OsombieIf you read the manufacturer's description of the movie, you know it is going to be bad. The question is the degree of bad, and does it make for a decent zombie film? Derek Miller (Jasen Wade) is a conspiracy buff who goes to Afghanistan to kill Osama bin Laden because he believes he is still alive. His sister Dusty (Eve Mauro) takes off after him. In all of Afghanistan they manage to both meet up with the same special forces unit killing zombies. One of which is a cute blond named "Tomboy" (Danielle Chuchran) who shoots zombies and lops their heads off with her sword while wearing a ponytail. They are the front line against a world zombie infestation. There is a scene which describes the zombie creation, i.e. "acute biological mutations".

That is pretty much the entire film, hunting and killing zombies. Some of the zombies are fast moving, while others are leg "drag-ers". There is no consistency. While they are supposed to require head shots, some fall down from a sword to the chest. The special effects are CG: helicopters, gun fire, blood splatter, and even the camp fire. The zombie make-up was decent. The plot could have used a little more variation. The dialouge was solid "B" grade which included a series of bad, somewhat politically incorrect old jokes. I used the punch line from one of the jokes as my title. The Afghans speak in Arabic and the film uses subtitles in case you forgot what "Allahu akbar" means.

No sex, nudity or F-bombs that I recall, just some good old fashion blood splatter. Don't spend too much.

Have you heard about the new movie that showcases the greatest manhunt in history? That reveals the truth behind the search for Bin Laden? No, I'm not talking about the award winning "Zero Dark Thirty" (sure to be a major Oscar contender). I'm talking about the equally important and profound "Osombie." Sometimes you hear about a movie that is so ludicrous that it becomes virtually irresistible to lovers of bad movie magic. Therefore, I had exceedingly high hopes for "Osombie." Come on, it's a movie about Osama Bin Laden and a zombie horde! Sure to be filled with camp humor and epic bad taste, this seemed like a can't miss proposition. Unfortunately, though, the movie never really embraces the lunatic possibilities that would have made this unforgettable. There are moments of silliness, to be sure, but the movie plays it surprisingly straight for the most part. And by not taking things to a greater extreme, "Osombie" just doesn't feel special or distinguish itself from the pack of B-movie zombie flicks that have already saturated the horror market.

The movie starts out with promise (and again, realize I am utilizing these terms on the bad movie scale) as a platoon infiltrates Bin Laden's lair only to have the undead unleashed upon them. After a frisky beginning, however, promising much laughter, the movie settles into its main story line. Unfortunately, this is where the film strays from its mark. The bulk of the film follows a Special Forces unit on a secret mission. They cross path with a young women who is searching for her brother, a patriot who is convinced Bin Laden is still alive and is on a personal quest to correct this injustice. Of course, the fact that these individuals are running amok in the desert and collide with each other is preposterous. But the movie, for the most part, doesn't play up the comedic shenanigans. Amidst typical zombie battles (you soon realize that this elite squad isn't particularly smart as the undead constantly get the better of them), the screenplay is content to attempt to develop these soldiers as actual characters. While I did appreciate this endeavor, however, I didn't think hearing the personal stories helped the tone of the movie.

More than anything, I just wanted "Osombie" to be a bit more fun than it actually is. Heck, Bin Laden doesn't even enter the picture again until the final moments and it's all rather anticlimactic. I wanted to LOVE and embrace "Osombie" as a bad movie classic. It just doesn't take advantage of its strongest asset which is the Bin Laden character. The zombie mayhem can be mildly amusing but isn't particularly spectacular. The actors do the most with their material, and a couple of jokes strike home. But overall, the screenplay falls a bit flat. What should have been hysterical madness is rather uninspiring. I didn't hate "Osombie" as a B-movie cheapie, but it is not something I'd go out of my way to recommend. My favorite premise of the year, but it doesn't serve up anything unique. About 2 1/2 stars, I'll round up for a good idea. KGHarris, 12/12.

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While the title and subject matter was a little unique and made me almost not buy the movie.

However, I am glad I did. For a Zombie movie it was very entertaining. It was not your classic zombie movie,

but I liked the change of pace and the acting was good.

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This movie had a good story to it. I highly recommend this movie to any zombie movie fan. I give it 7 out of 10

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I watched a trailer for this movie and it caught my eye. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a "B" movie especially when it comes to sci fi and horror. Once you get past the stupid basic premise for this movie you will find that is a well executed action movie. For those who have not figured out the basic story Osama Ben Laden comes back as a zombie. The action stems around a spec ops team trying to find a nest of terrorists while killing zombies along the way. While weak on characterization the action sequences are pretty cool and dare I say satisfying. I won't spoil the ending except to say that Ben Laden gets what he deserves once again!! This movie is worth a look as a rental but not one I would buy.

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