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NFL Super Bowl XLV Champions: Green Bay Packers

NFL Super Bowl XLV Champions: Green Bay PackersFirst of all, this is NOT THE SUPER BOWL GAME. This is a summary video of the Packers' season (including very entertaining post-season highlights), and it is very well done. If you are looking for the complete Super Bowl game, you'll want this set: NFL-Green Bay Packers-Road to XLV. That video has the complete games of the entire playoff run (but they didn't release a Blu-ray version). This video does not have complete games on it. Again, this is a summary of the Packers' season plus some good extras that are listed in the product description. If that's what you want, order away. If you want complete games, check out the link I inserted.

Anyone who actually reads the description of this item would see exactly what this Blu-ray includes. NOWHERE does it say that this is the FULL GAME IN ITS ENTIRETY, so why would you assume that? Anyway, just because you goofed up does NOT mean that this item "sucks." This is a GREAT video. I've been buying the highlight DVDs for years and I love 'em. It's a great recap of a great season, with the great NFL Films' music and narration. There are a bunch of bonus features that take you behind the scenes of the games and players. *****If you want the full game, you can buy it on iTunes for $2.99!!***** Get them both and you'll have the ultimate Super Bowl XLV combo. This is a MUST HAVE for any Packers fan.

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This should be great. If you didn't watch the Packers though out the season or are not a fan, I think you can still really enjoy this(unless your a bears fan, sorry, this isn't the video for you). If you didn't know, the 2010-2011 season for the Green Bay Packers was nothing short of amazing. This was the team that was favored to win the super bowl pre-season. But at the half way point the half the team was injured and they were on a losing streak. After Aaron went down and they lost to Detroit(yeah i know, how does that happen), they went into New England to lose again with out there star QB. Now this is where the magic started. The team would have to win there last two at home to make it in the playoffs. Once in the team would have to face 3 straight road games against the best the NFC had to offer to make it to Dallas. Only one other 6th seed team had ever went on the win it all(funny that it was the team they were playing in the super bowl). Some will call it lucky, but i believe if you watch this video you will change your mind. No one on this team ever gave up until there was nothing left to prove. This team will take you on emotional roller coaster though out the season. It wasn't always pretty but ended the best way possible. Lastly this video gives you the chance to watch a great QB who is quickly proving he might be the best in the game. P.S. You may have figured out I'm a cheese head but i'm also a football fan and this was the best I have ever seen.

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the wonderful 2010 season comes alive in this exciting dvd for every packers'fan.

first 36 minutes are highlights of the regular season;

18 minutes playoffs' highlights and 20 minutes of superbowl.

there about 40 min.of extra bonus of post game ceremony, packers nation vs steelers nation and others.

for those who love the packers, the adrenaline flows freely.

go pack!!

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Though I am a born and raised Cheesehead and am still amazed that they pulled it off with so many injuries, I am very disappointed in this season wrap up DVD/Blu-ray. You can tell that this DVD was edited and done prior to the Super Bowl, the only thing that needed to be added was the highlights of the SB and post-game celebration. There are ZERO (yes, that's right, zero) player or coach interviews on this DVD during the season highlights. You only get Greg Jennings "mic'd up" during the playoff run. All bonus features are prior to the SB. This is one of those things that NFL films rushed out as quickly as possible to make a buck. My guess is that there will be another DVD later that actually has player and coach interviews that talk about the season and post-SB reaction. Watched it once, and sold it on eBay. The 1996 SB video is so much better, no comparison.

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