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Men in Black 3 (Blu Ray + 2 DVD + Digital Copy) (Blu Ray Case) (2012)

Men in Black 3I get out to the theater to see a movie about once per year; I'm now a slave to the Blu Ray home entertainment era. However, I did something this Memorial Day weekend that I haven't done in over 20 years: I went to the theater twice in 2 days (with my kids) to see The Avengers and Men in Black III. And neither of the movies let me down; both were excellent.

While The Avengers is getting high marks from the critics, I am very surprised by the so-so reviews that MiB III is getting. I'm glad that I went to the theater, because the abundance of "just average" reviews might have even deterred me from putting MiB III in my rental queue. I'm here to say don't be deterred.

MiB III was almost as good as the original MiB (and the original MiB was classic), and MiB III was better than MiB II...wayyyy better. The best part for young audiences that may not have seen the predecessors from 15 years and 10 years ago respectively, is that MiB III stands alone as a great movie....There's no need to have had to have seen either of the first two in order to fully enjoy MiB III. Although it does help mainly to see how effectively awesome Josh Brolin is at capturing the essence of Agent K that we all know as Tommy Lee Jones; and I suppose that it also helps to establish the dynamic of the bond between Agent K and Agent J (Will Smith).

So MiB III is a fun blast from the past...or should I say blast into the past. In 1969 Agent K maims, arrests and has bad guy Boris the Animal thrown into an intergalactic maximum security prison...on the moon. But 43 years apparently gave Boris a long enough time to figure out how to escape. But escaping is not all that's on Boris' mind; he jumps back in time to 1969 to change history and murder Agent K. So when he succeeds it's up to Agent J (Will Smith) to jump back a little further in time to stop Boris.

As I mentioned earlier, Josh Brolin really makes you believe that you're seeing a young Tommy Lee Jones, or should I say young Agent K. The personality differences and dialogue between Brolin and Smith are amusing to watch, and some of Smith's scenes with and without Brolin are out-and-out hilarious.

Comedy Writer Etan Cohen (not to be confused with popular Writer/Director Ethan Coen) teams up with MiB veteran Director Barry Sonnenfeld to deliver a movie that's funny, witty and fun for the whole family. At a run time of just over 90 minutes I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish.

So do indeed get out to see Men in Black III; at minimum get it into your viewing queue. For me, it will be preordered, viewed again on Blu Ray, and sit in my collection next to MiB I & II.

After the apocalypse of Independence Day and the epics of Star Wars and Star Trek, the sci-fi field was ripe for a spoof. Men in Black was the DEFINITIVE spoof of the sci-fi genre when it came out, an entertaining balance of light-hearted drama, action, and wacky comedy. The sequel...wasn't quite on the same level of film-making, lacking a smart script, and showing just what happens when Sonnenfeld gets carried away with drenching his stars in colored goo. And now act three rolls out and we have...

"I promised the secrets of the universe, nothing more."

After the insanity of the previous two Men in Black movies, everything moves in a different direction this time around...fourth dimensionally. When I heard that this movie would be all about time travel, and when I heard that the script was generated in a huge rush so that they could get the movie out on time, I expected the worst. I was VERY pleasantly surprised this time around. The basic plot revolves around an evil alien who sets out for vengeance on K using time travel to erase him, so that he simultaneously kills his nemesis and sets in motion the destruction of Earth in the present. A simple premise, but the execution of said premise SHINES.

"Here, take this, and all you have to do is jump."

From the get-go this movie has fun with all the old and new sci-fi tropes. J has to time jump by literally jumping off a building (Girl Who Leapt Through Time anyone?) in a great super-cartoony CGI sequence that I'm SURE would have been awesome to see in 3D. When he actually gets to 1969 there's everything from a GIANT neutralizer that doesn't quite look safe, to new gadgets that result in some awesome action sequences (unicycle speeders and rocket packs). And naturally all the typical 1960's stereotypes are toyed and joked with, but in most cases this is very well done, while at the same time giving us subtle clues into the nature of K and his relationships through a new perspective.

"I am getting too old for this. I can only imagine how YOU feel."

It cannot be overstated how PERFECT Josh Brolin is as young K. He manages to be super-serious in that Jack Webb style while simultaneous displaying the same chemistry with Will Smith's agent K. He delivers his lines with perfect comic timing, and gives his character a lot of heart. Will Smith might be sleep-walking through the role, but he's got some GREAT lines this time around, and it's obvious he's having a great time with the role. The rest of the cast likewise does a great job with their roles, and keeps things light-hearted and fun (with only a few dead gags here and there).

"Do you know what is the most destructive power in the universe?" "Sugar?"

This movie is big, bright, and beautiful. It was clearly designed to be viewed in IMAX 3D and it shows. Everything is just so vivid and well-framed, and crystal clear. It really makes a nice change from the very darkly lit and darkly framed films that have been popular the past few years. And as my wife commented to me right after the movie finished, most movies are SUPPOSED to be fun, light, and leave you feeling good when you exit the theater. They are supposed to ENTERTAIN you (at least that's the lesson I got from Sullivan's Travels, your mileage may vary). There's room for every kind of movie, but this kind does what movies were meant to do in the first place. MIBIII is FUN, and it has a lot of heart. The end of the movie really and truly surprised me. The climax of the time travel plot results in a plot revelation that was not only NOT stupid, but actually was heart-warming (giving you a HUGE character development twist on K that I never saw coming). That's just plain good film making. Not to mention awesome little surprises that are purely the result of good writing (an accidental time jump turning the tables on a one-sided fight) and excellent direction.

"You got some city miles on you."

Some people might start watching this movie feeling like I did, that the franchise was really looking like it was running out of gas. I was thrilled to find that MIBIII is now my favorite film the series. It's a great comedy with wonderful comic timing, a great adventure with lots of great action sequences, and its got more character, charm, and heart than anything else in the series yet. I will definitely buy it when it comes out on Blu-Ray and would recommend any fans of the series do the same.

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When I viewed MIB, I thought it was very funny and highly entertaining. When I viewed MIB2, I felt as if something was missing and did not find it as enjoyable as MIB. I found MIB3 to be the Best of the 3 films, the most entertaining and the most enjoyable science fiction movie I've seen in a long time. The aliens are fascinating, and many credits go to creativity. The time jump will grab your interest as we wonder which future will occur? The acting performance of Brolin and Michael Stuhlburg is superb, they are indeed mesmerizing! The impression of Tommy Lee Jones is incredible and the creatures are visually appealing. Overall, the perfect movie to see with a huge bag of buttered-popcorn!

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I definitely enjoyed seeing this movie. Now, I have to admit that when I saw this movie in the theater, I had only very recently seen the first movie in the trilogy. I have not yet seen the 2nd one. However, I was still able to legitimately laugh at certain parts of this one. When I go to a movie, I don't usually expect to be blown away by how good or bad a movie is. I didn't really get blown away by this one, but at the same time, I was never anxious to know how much more time was left in the movie. There were a few slightly grotesque things shown, but that's to be expected in a movie like this, considering what happened in the first movie, and the fact that it's a sci-fi movie. The thing that surprised me the most was that there were a few touching scenes sprinkled into it--most notably toward the end of the movie. If you're looking for a somewhat light-hearted, sci-fi comedy, then I highly recommend checking this film out.

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And oh my, did Josh Brolin nail it! Loved the insights it gave us into their histories. No spoilers, it was just very cool. Of course, this is the third one so we expect certain things and there is no way it will be as fresh as the first one. But I was delighted with the movie and recommend it.

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