Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lion of Judah (2012)

Lion of JudahI've seen this movie several times and it touches me every time. Its emphasis on love and freedom leaves me feeling really good.

Great movie, loved it! Nice alternative to the other children's movies. This teaches the kids God's love. I hope they come out with more movies like this. Great for Easter.

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This movie was almost all about talking animals, which at first seemed very childish to me. I confess that I was worried the kids wouldn't like it. But by the end of the movie and the animals realized why Jesus died on the cross, even the teenagers were saying it was very good. So I would recommend it for children...it gives several good Biblical points, as well as just general animal silliness.

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I loved Once Upon a Stable and Lion of Judah. I am 40 years old and watched and enjoyed both of these movies. My kids all watched and loved both of these also. Lion of Judah is a full length Disney type production, but much better in character than anything they have produced. My youngest daughters 5 and 6 have watched this movie everyday since we got it (5 days straight) and I want to watch it again myself. It has a true Bible theme and I very highly recommend this film. I found myself laughing and tearing uo both. I wish I had seen this as a child instead of some of the garbage that was popular growing up!

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The premise of this movie was amazing-the story of Jesus told through animals that were in the stable and then there when they crucified him. They could have done so much with it and really didn't. The animation was beautiful in my opinion. I really enjoyed the last 30 minutes or so of the movie when everything came together ( I even shed a tear or two) , but a lot of it before that was a little tiresome.

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