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Limitless: Limited Edition SteelBook (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack) (2011)

Limitless: Limited Edition SteelBookI was taken in by the opening credits as an outline of a brain turns into a city. I am a big sucker for that microcosm/ macrocosm stuff.

Edward has writer's block. He has a book contract for some reason, yet hasn't written a word. His girlfriend, who was his meal ticket leaves him. Bummed out he decides to go live on a bunk bed at Dad's place in New Jersey, but then bumps into his ex-brother-in-law, who is a drug dealer. He offers Edward a pill that increases a person's use of their brain. They can recall everything they have seen or read and can correlate it to increase intelligence. The smarter a person is to begin with, the more data they have to work with. Edward is a smart guy to begin with, so he is able to start his book. The downside is that the pill wears off. Not only does one lose the abilities, but they get a little ADD, and throw up like a heroin addict. Too much of the pill causes a Mr. Hyde type of character including blackouts. Edward's supplier is murdered and Edward finds his stash of pills and a wad of cash.

Edward uses his ability to make money on Wall Street. He catches the attention of big time corporations as well as the Russian mafia. He quickly finds out people who take the smart pill eventually die from either taking too much or running out. Edward must try to balance his life.

I loved the concept. I loved how they did the drug effect with simple but effective camera tricks. Anyone who has come down off of cocaine, LSD, or heroin knows how Edward feels and he portrays a man coming off drugs very well.

I even liked the ending, although the last few minutes should have been stretched out. No nudity.

When we watched the preview we were drawn in by the action and with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro we figured it had to be good. We really liked the storyline and how Bradley Cooper uses being limitless to maximize his potential and with De Niro as the bad guy it just clicks, especially with the chemistry these guys have. This movie is filled with twists and turns over a pill that lets Cooper use 100% of his brain and of course what will happen when the pills run out? This movie definitely delivered on our expectations and if you like action movies it should exceed yours as well......

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LIMITLESS was one of those movies I really wanted to see after I saw the previews.

The premise of the film was great and insightful.

The first half of the movie lived up to the expectations and set the proper tone for what this sort of experience and capability would be like.

But the second half of the movie seemed like it was written by a different screenplay writer and led by a different Director.

The second half of the movie really faded into a sort of comedy and all the tensions and initial build-up was lost.

In the end, the film failed to fully capitalize on its initial brilliance.

Add to that the fact one must overlook the obvious logic flaws in the movie .....

Foe example, if this drug was able to make your mind so sharp and able to learn and master new skills like Classical Music and 3-4 foreign languages in only 2 days, would it have not seemed obvious to spend 3-4 days learning Chemistry so you could synthesize the mind enhancing drug yourself and thus not be reliant on somebody else for a supply ?

A good premise and entertaining movie that did not quite reach its potential

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Just got back from a 12 hour flight where I saw this on the plane. I also enjoyed it quite a bit too. I teach psychology and like the brain pill idea to make you smarter and I like the character changes. I am would have like more explanation (even if it was pseudo-science of course and how it works and especially the after effects/side effects). Overall, the movie was gripping but my biggest problem is for someone that is suppose to be so very very hyper intelligent on the drug, why did he (and the others on it) make so many mistakes? SPOILERS COMING...............................................................................................................

-why not get advanced knowledge in chemistry early and learn how to make the drug himself before running out, and improve on it early too?

-with all the money he was making, why not pay off the Russian RIGHT AWAY, that would have really helped him

-and there's more of these things

-also, why doesn't his super secure apartment have an alarm hooked to the police of a cell phone call would have done it, duh.

anyway, would love to hear comments if you're still reading as this means you probably watched it already.

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I had somewhat mediocre expectations going into the theatre so I was very pleasantly surprised. This was a good movie. Probably 4.5 stars. Fairly intersting story, but I also really enjoyed the camera work. I guess that is something I seem to notice now, anyway, it is pretty good. Also, I felt good after the movie, I wanted to go study and learn something :-)

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