Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Last Ounce of Courage (2012)

Last Ounce of CourageThis is a first for me. I generally keep my opinions to myself but, after having read Michael Law's review, I find that I cannot remain silent.

"Last Ounce of Courage" is about the many selfless, God-fearing patriots who are a part of this country and who believe in its founding principles. It involves a father who has had enough of the bile that is spewed forth by liberals like Michael. This man himself served honorably in the Army and in war and has also lost his son to a war. Further, he has seen the attempts by so many on the left to eradicate religion from the public discourse those hypocritical folks (yes, Michael, you can count yourself among them) who preach tolerance but cannot stand anyone who disagrees with the way they think and, rather than vigorously debating the substance of the difference, choose to vilify, belittle, and condemn the folks who think differently. Bill Maher is a prime example of their leaders.

Michael does not give his background but I will give mine. I grew up poor in a small town. Through hard work and a desire to succeed (a gift afforded to all in this country who are willing to work), I was able to get an appointment to West Point. Upon graduation, I was asked to serve my country in war. Unlike Michael, I presume, I led men in battle and watched their patriotism and sense of duty and honor displayed every day. Some men made it, some did not. All were heroes for putting their country ahead of themselves. All fought for the rights established in our Constitution and all swore an oath of allegiance to same. It is those rights so hard fought for, won, and sustained that were endowed to Michael, so that he now has the right and privilege to belittle the very men who protected his ability to say bilious, condescending, and intolerant things about those who chose to serve.

Michael, my guess is that you have no respect for anyone who does not think like you and that you have never been called upon to serve anyone but yourself a perfect combination for a member of the "Me generation" and a liberal. May God have mercy on your soul.

Great movie, by the way. Recommended for all who love this country and what it stands for.

This movie is all about Americans allowing our freedoms to erode and standing up for what is right! Loved this movie. You will clap, cry and cheer! A must see by all Americans that love our Freedoms.

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This movie was recommended to by several soldiers. You can't get better then this. The Dove symbol tells me it is safe for family viewing.

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Saw this movie at a theater and would recommend it to all. It was so meaningful and heart rending. A sad in the beginning but also a feel good movie

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Saw this in the movies and it is terrific. I don't know what the left winger is talking about but the movie theater was packed and when the movie was over everyone cheered and clapped. You just have to be a Good American to enjoy this sort of movie. No Right wing message in it. Don't miss it!

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