Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Home Run Showdown (2011)

Home Run ShowdownThis is a great family movie! Not sure why it didn't get a wider theater release! Story was sweet, the kid actors are incredible! Especially Kyle Thomas, he's a very cute kid and his potrayal is tender and sweet! Very convincing. I will definitely be giving this as a gift this Christmas!!

Highly recommend!

This was a fun family movie that reminds me some of the bad news bears (at least in some ways), but really is a story of determination to overcome adversity not only for the character of Lorenzo, but also for Joey DeLuca. Both have a journey that as a viewer of the movie you get to see and experience and it is through this journey that they grow and learn. The movie was fun, but also had a number of meaningful messages within it that brought out some great conversations within my home after we watched it as a family, and it can do the same for your own family. Good acting and character development throughout, which led to a movie that I am proud to have shared with the family!

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So hard to find a movie for kids that is directed to them that has an enough

content to keep adult interest. Great Job on the movie!

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Story about two brothers who have competed against each other their whole life. The lead character (boy) played a great role in pursuing his dream of being on TV so his father in prision could see him play was a good storyline.

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This is a good kids movie. Shows them what can be accomplished with determination and the right push. It shows how good wins in spite of the circumstances. The two Coach brothers eventually mend their differences and it ends well. I didn't find much bad language any more tah they hear at school. I prefer it when Dean Cain plays the good part but he still did great in his part.

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