Sunday, December 8, 2013

Colorful: The Motion Picture (2010)

Colorful: The Motion PictureI just finished watching this masterpiece and felt the need to talk about it.

First: this film is for mature audiences only. No, it doesn't have explicit sex or violence, but it does deal with sensitive subject matters. I'll talk a little more later in the spoiler-ish section later if you want to know more.

Great slice of life movie dealing with life and death and second chances. There are elements that I definitely can relate to while watching this. Some understanding of Japanese culture may help in the viewing such as suicides being a common thing and pressures of being middle school student. There are definite heart breaking moments in the movie but everything seems natural, realistic and not forced. The animation is absolutely beautiful with the level of details showcasing everyday life in suburban Japan. The movements were also very fluid and natural. There were scenes when the animation were semi photorealistic feel when they were showing old photos of past moments. It's hard to describe so just see for yourself! Definitely worth checking out.


I was definitely surprised by the maturity of the themes. The movie's synopsis already states suicides but it also includes prostitution and bullying. There's more than a few moments when I cried (yes I admit's that moving). One major plot point is the Makoto's realization that his actions do affect others. Another is acceptance that's it's ok to be who you are. There are times when we really don't know who we are and are confused, but that's extremely normal and part of growing up. While watching, I kind of got a feeling of the twist coming and they hinted it when he was able to draw really well, but that didn't detract from the movie because it's all about Makoto's self realization and having more awareness of your interactions and surroundings but changing his perception of his place in life.

The Main character finds himself at the gates of Heaven only to be greeted by his "case working" who explains that he will get a second chance at life but will be put in to another persons body, a person whom has just passed away themselves. The unimaginable complications from being put, all of a sudden in someone's body and not nothing anything about their previous life, but having to act as them adds an element of fun to a touching and very honest story.

The Movie has a wide variety of emotion to go around and the story progresses and ends on a humbling note leaving you feeling a little lonely but very appreciative of life's greatest gift.

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