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Christmas Cottage (2008)

Christmas CottageFamed painter Thomas Kinkaid had this film made about a very pivotal time of his life. Kept raw as real life tends to be, it is a sad and yet very uplifting film. Topics are deep and moving. This is not meant to be a young children's film, but more a teenage and adult film. Deals with motivations, the things that shape us, those who mold our lives.

While I felt the character of Thomas was not given enough depth to fully utilize Mr. Padalecki's talents, his performance with what he was given was awesome. Several of the supporting characters did super amazing work. Despite the rough language given to Richard Burgi, it was the most amazing piece of acting I have seen from him yet -the depths of feeling and information in his vulerable moments were totally worth it. Mr. O'Toole also gives a wondrous performnce.

If you want something to touch your heart, see how life chapes people, and just get some of that Christmas feeling flowing -this movie is for you.

I was extremely pleased with this movie. I rented it tonight and enjoyed it so much that I am going to buy it and add it to my ever-expanding roster of Christmas movies. Unlike those who criticize it for lack of typical Christmas fluff, this movie had a raw element that humanized it, therefore making it ENTIRELY believable. I have plenty of "family feel-good" movies and was interested in this movie because it claimed to show how Thomas got his start, which it did. Bravo, Thomas, for having the courage to show the humanity of the townspeople with whom you grew up. A based-on-true-story movie SHOULD show humanity, raw or otherwise. While this isn't a movie that young children would understand, it IS a movie which adults and older teens can relate to. I will watch it every year from now on.

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Some weirdos are getting on here saying this is not a family movie due to vulgarity and sensuality. I don't think they saw the same movie I saw. There is more vulgarity and sensuality spending five minutes anywhere outside this movie...walking down a street, at school, tv shows or commercials. Please do yourself a favor and ignore those reviews. You'll be glad and thankful for it. The whole movie has to do with redemption, and God's love, and it has the guts to say so, in a way that I don't think would turn off most non-religious or religious people. This movie is a gem, the acting is excellent, and I am ordering a copy or two for gifts. If you are an aspiring artist, or know someone who is, this movie is a God-send.

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I purchased "Thomas Kincade's Christmas Cottage" DVD recently because, after looking at the cover and reading the back, it seemed like it would be a heart-warming family Christmas movie. I was very wrong. "Thomas Kincade's Christmas Cottage" is definitely NOT a family film. It's chock full of foul language and sexual innuendos. To top it off, there's barely a mention of the real meaning of Christmas.

Just out of curiosity, I kept a running tally of curse words:

Da*n: 9 times

Go to H*ll, Da*n it to H*ll, H*ll-of-a-Lot, Sure as H*ll, H*ll: 7 times

A*s: 1 time

Bi*ch: 1 time

Bi*ching: 1 time

Other offensive things:

The main character's father says to him, at one point, "What's the matter, aren't you getting any?" (and gestured to his son's crotch)

The main character's father brings his two sons their Christmas present......2 stacks of PORN magazines, which he proceeds to open and lustfully look through one of the magazines.

A scantily clad, busty woman with her cleavage hanging out was very suggestive to the preacher in the movie as well as other men...saying things in a seductive voice like, "I know how to turn things on" when asking to be the one chosen to turn on the town's Christmas Tree during the lighting ceremony. And, the preacher lustfully looking at her and smiling......By the way, she was chosen to portray Jesus' mother Mary.

LOTS of scenes in bars, people drinking hard liquor, smoking, being crass, etc.

The day I first bought the movie, I sat down with my husband and our 5 year old daughter, hoping to watch a warm and fuzzy Christmas family film. THANK GOD our daughter was too tired to watch it. We turned it off after 5 minutes. So, I ended up watching it by myself and am SO thankful that she didn't see it! I shudder to think of all the young children that will see this movie with their parent's because their parent's have NO idea that what they're about to watch is inappropriate.

Look, I'm no prude. I enjoyed watching "The Matrix" and other films that happen to have some bad language, but here's the difference....those films were Rated R and I KNEW they were for adults...not children. The "Christmas Cottage" is rated PG, but should have been PG-13.

I found this movie in a "Family Film" section so I expected it to be something at least SAFE and CLEAN for me and my family to watch, not the filthy piece of trash that I saw in "The Christmas Cottage". Thomas Kincade should be ashamed to have his name on this film....I can't believe he produced it. If I could have given it "0" stars I would have....it doesn't even deserve 1 star.

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I went to the private premier in Morgan Hill a few months ago. It is a great Christmas movie for the whole family. This movie gives you a peek into Thomas Kinkades life before he became famous. Peter O'Toole gives a great performance as Thom's mentor, the art professor that help Thom and his family. God Bless Thom and his family

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