Friday, November 29, 2013

Warren Miller's Dynasty

Warren Miller's DynastyAnother installment of warren miller. The movies over the last few years have all been a bit the same (kids doing jumps, heli skiing in alaska, steamboat and utah powder etc). I do think this was a bit of a change in this years flick as it showed more of a story on how people and their families fell in love with skiing. I do miss the narrations of warren miller though and a bit more 'fun' would be nice.

A great new warren miller movie that goes over the last 60 years, and crazy new places. Really enjoyed the segment where they were in remote China. Beautifully edited and fun to watch on a 1080p projector.

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I have enjoyed Warren Miller productions for 40 years and this one didn't let me down. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my local ski area where I am an instructor in this movie, Crystal Mountain Resort ( If you are a snow sport enthusiast then get this movie.

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The whites wash into each other more than they should if they had taken their time and done a proper job editing. Warren Miller rules though!

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I am a huge Warren Miller fan.

I do miss him as a narrator and realize that Johnny Mosely is a better narrator then no movie at all!

Can't get enough! Great music, great destinations, great everything.

Don't purchase thinking you are going to learn how to ski, that is not how these movies work....

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