Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Rookie (2010)

The RookieThis is surely of one the minor Clint Eastwood efforts, but still very pleasing to watch, and containing the same film structure and style of his better movies. Taking aside the violence, it's entertaining and with good humour. The Blu-Ray edition looks and sounds quite decent, well worth the purchase.

Some individuals did not rate this movie very highly. I disagree! This movie has several action sequences, and kept me "glued to my chair." I was pleasantly surprised at how well Charlie Sheen and Clint Eastwood interfaced with each other in the movie. I really enjoyed seeing Charlie Sheen in his prime acting condition, and before he suffered the behavioral problems which he faces today!

Another treat, I enjoyed watching this movie in the blue-ray format. The color intensity matches well with the high intensity action!

If you are an action movie fan, don't miss it!


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This is a great Clint Eastwood movie. Charlie Sheen and Clint work well together in this movie. It,s action and drama all together.

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Great Clint Eastwood movie with a spark of fun, fear and action. The Rooky is detailed in script and worth the time to see. I do think all who watch will love it!

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The principal characters can do better. The profanity and car chases are typical "hollywood"...Better than some; not a good as most.

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