Monday, November 11, 2013

The Perfect Host (2011)

The Perfect HostI think I am still in shock over this one. David Hyde Pierce is astounding in this very unorthodox role of madness. This movie is so psychotically delicious, it borders on "The Twilight Zone" meets "Sybil". I found myself laughing out of total fear of the incredulousness and depravity of the host. I did NOT see the ending coming or even imagine it to end the way it did. The movie works on several levels, from the civility of human compassion to the intrinsically evil darkness of insanity. This movie is a must see for those looking for just plain "bizarre". This one had me thinking about it several days after watching it and when a movie does that to me, then my appetite for wanting 'something different in a movie' is complete. Get ready for one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride. Mr. Pierce, WOW.

This movie will never, ever play anywhere near me, so I was pretty excited to see that Amazon had it available for download at the same time it is being released in the theatre.

It did not disappoint. It's a very character-driven suspense story. Even if you figure out the first couple twists, you won't guess them all. This movie does not contain a lot of graphic violence; very important if you are like me and don't have a high tolerance for that.

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I am not a fan of Strange movies but The Perfect Host with it's surprising twist and ending which you could have not seen coming seems to be a must watch just for the story alone and why Looks can be deceiving,a Victim turns the tables and it is one long strange and at times amusingly funny but yet sad situation after another.I highly recommend it,In the End,it is the most enjoyable and not sickening at all.

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This movie is awesome! My husband and I had high expectations for this movie and they were greatly exceeded. Anyone who enjoys a good black comedy should definitely see this one!

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Well this one came way out of left-field. I have always been a fan of David Hyde Pierce and think he is truly an underrated comedic genius. The director couldn't possibly have cast anyone better than DHP as the dementedly twisted, Warrick, for this dark mind-bending dramedy.

What starts off as one set-up gets thrown for a loop into another, and so on and so on, so that the film rejuvenates itself quite a few times during its brief 90 min running time. There are as many twists as a classic Hitchcock, and plenty of dry-humor to soak up all of the building tension once the movie really gets going. However, I felt the backstory with John and Simone was uninteresting and really didn't add much to the flick, but whatever. Nonetheless, The Perfect Host is incomparable in its own right, and is a unique experience that you don't often see in cinema much these days.

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