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The Final Countdown (1980)

The Final Countdown"The Final Countdown" is one of my all-time favorite films, because it has just about everything I like: military hardware, heroism, and history -with a delicious helping of sci-fi fantasy. Off the coast of Hawaii, the modern day USS Nimitz encounters a bizarre storm, which is actually a portal through time. The crew gradually becomes convinced that they have emerged in 1941 just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor -and that they have the futuristic firepower to stop it. But can history really be changed? Initially, it seems likely! In the highlight scene of the film, F-14 Tomcats go to the rescue of a yacht under attack by Zeros. Survivors, a suspicious Congressman and his assistant, as well as an incredulous Japanese pilot, are brought on board the spectacularly anachronistic aircraft carrier. From there, the mission to change history begins to go awry as paradox-producing events occur. Nonetheless, the Nimitz never falters. And you really anticipate, even as the time portal begins to close, that her guns and aircraft will engage the oncoming enemy. "The Final Countdown" is a wonderful fantasy, very realistically enacted. For a time-travel epic, I like the way all the "loose ends" are neatly tied up. History is preserved, with a sensitive, and I must say, emotional, tribute to the heroes of Pearl Harbor.

This film is well written, has an all star cast and has wonderful photography. Filmed well before Top Gun, The Final Countdown has great areial combat/flight scenes and shows the awesome capabilites of the navy's modern nuclear aircraft carriers and the stressful environment that all aboard have to live with every day.

Kirk Douglass and Marten Sheen show why they were "A" list actors when this film was made. Both gave excellent performances.

The script was well written with the exploration of the ships crew trying to deal with a potential paradox that would effect every person on the planet.

Great acting a good story and super photography of aircraft carrier and flight operations. If you like these features, you will love this movie.

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"The Final Countdown" is one of those films that never got the recognition that it so rightfully deserves.

Blending history, military, moral dilema & science fiction together nearly perfectly, "Final Countdown" is a very powerful and thought-provoking film about a chance to change the course of history.

The modern-day nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz

(an Atlantic Fleet-based aircraft carrier)stationed at Pearl Harbor goes through a mysterious electrical storm in the Pacific Ocean, the crew (Kirk Douglas, Captain; James Farentino, Airwing Commander; Ron O'Neal, XO) & a cilvilian advisor (Martin Sheen)

soon realize through a series of events that they have gone back in time to December 6, 1941, the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor!

After rescuing survivors of a yacht blown up by Japanese Zeros, the crew of the Nimitz is faced with a decision that would change the course of history...whether they should destroy the Japanese Fleet BEFORE they attack Pearl Harbor.

For those of you who've seen the movie, you know the ending.

For those who've never seen "Final Countdown", I won't ruin what is a great ending!

I've been waiting for years for "Final Countdown" to come out on DVD. Hopefully it will be loaded with extra features never found on the rare VHS version from Vestron.

The footage aboard the USS Nimitz is fantastic. No movie since has shown in such detail the action aboard a modern-day carrier.

The flightdeck scenes are breath-taking. You'll see aircraft markings on the F-14s & other aircraft that look absolutely awesome!

This is a movie you will want to watch over & over again.

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This is and has been one of my favorite movies since I saw it in the theater back in '80. It has a good mix of science fiction and military realism that just isn't found in similar movies of the same genre... The movie begins eerily with the departure of the largest nuclear powered aircraft carrier from the Naval dock at Pearl Harbor. Shortly thereafter, the ship and crew encounter an electrical storm that paralyzes the operations on board the ship. Once passed through, they find themselves, (through process of elimination), on the eve of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Captain, (convincingly played by Kirk Douglas), and senior officers have to decide to make a decision as to whether to attack the Japanese fleet or let history run its course-that is all I will say-notwithstanding a well chosen twist ending however. As far as my opinion of the acting is concerned, I disagree with the previous reviews that Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen played down their respective roles-anything otherwise would have resulted in the typical sci-fi OVERacting that plagues many of the same type of movies save for the special effects of the day; which in any era, quickly become outdated. (Luckily, this movie was made before the rampant overuse of CGI.)

All of that said, their inflection and dialog is dead on: Captain Yelland's humorous dismay of "two WHAT?!" when he receives a report of the two Japanese Zeros seen by the ships recon. F-14's...very fitting.

On to the DVD: It is the worst transfer for public sale I have seen to date-period. In my technical opinion, it is a dupe from ANOTHER REGION DVD (PAL to NTSC). Trust me, this did NOT come from a Laserdisc. LD's are capable of nearly the same picture quality as a DVD and in some cases actually better-The Final Countdown is no exception in both image and sound quality (which is in two track digital). The only benefit this DVD has is letterboxing-(there was never a letterboxed LD.) This Region 1 DVD is awful in every respect.

If you want a high quality version (DVD wise), wait for a real studio to master this very entertaining movie...

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The Movie

A time travel movie about the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Nimitz getting caught in a storm and sent back to December 6th 1941. With the chance to stop the attack on pearl harbor. with Kirk Douglas and martin sheen u know it must have some quality they alone make it and interesting mix of talent

The Video

The video is better than any othe transfer of this movie before it is crisp clear no fuzz or noise. It is availble in full and widescreen. Widescreen is the only way to see the whole movie the it was shot for the theater

The audio

the 5.1 mix is stellar and really rumbles the room thru the storm and other shots. There is also a 2.0 mix which is ok but where it shines is its dtx mix it is mind blowing

The Extras


from The Director And photographer as very boring to listen too they seem bored and uninterested in what they are saying plus get off topic alot

Theatrical Trailers

Nice to see but really bad quality

T.V. spots

More trailers

Bonus Disc if u get the 2 disc limited edition

Inteview with Associate Producer Llyod Kaufman not very interesting makes u say where are the stars who cares about producers

Interviews with jolly rogers f-14 squadron

more fluff with nothing to really do with the movie

poster and still gallery

always a pointless feature

Kirk douglas bio

the bright spot of the extras not really much to do with the movie but a great look at kik

DVD-ROM Feature

Zero Pilot Journal

more just fluff not really interesting

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