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Star Driver Part 1 (2011)

Star Driver Part 1How can Takuto say "Dazzling Up The Stage" and "Galactic Pretty Boy" with a straight face?

Star Driver in concept is quite fantastic. You have the perfect setting for a battle anime. Secluded island, technology that could change the world, and an organization out to use it for nefarious means. Add in a little idealistic hero and its set. Star Driver follows this pattern for the most part. But outside of it's bizarreness and bishounen themes, it actually has a pretty solid backstory.

Takuto starts off as an unknown. The series gives you plenty of reason to believe he knows more than he lets on. But it takes you along for a good ride before it gets anywhere close to it. To not spoil much, pay close attention to everyone's backstory that is presented. They all link up and build upon a rich plot by the time the final episode comes.

Characters themselves, are a mix of standard anime models with some quirks and revisions mixed in. But do not expect to understand them or this series at all when you watch it. Literally, it won't make much sense till much later in the series when things get revealed. Till then, just enjoy it. The fights take place in another realm and always on a grand scale with entrances that make Takuto's "Dazzling" words seem less and less goofy as time goes. Mech designs are, unique. They look more like wooden figures used in art classes than actual vehicles of battle.

If anything, you'll enjoy some very grand battles and get the fish girl's song stuck in your head. For those that want to know, it is called Monochrome and it is sung by Tomatsu Haruka. There are actually two versions of the song she sings. One is the one used in the series sung by the girl in the cage called Sakana's Song, or the fish girl (Sakana = Fish in Japanese). The other is a much faster beat version that she sings as part of a single release in Japan. You might be able to find it here if you look on import sites.

So why then is it not 5 stars? Because simply, the story and battles start to get a bit routine after the first half. There is some predictability as later episodes hit. The Glittering Crux goes from the faceless evil to a bit more human which does impact how they are portrayed later. The writers did a good job, but the emphasis that Takuto has to win or the world is doomed literally gives away how some episodes will go. For a culture that emphasizes groups and the power found with friends, Takuto pretty much fights alone most of the time. It isn't a terrible thing but mixing in other minor issues brings it down a little. Much of which comes down to personal taste. There were parts of this show that I did not care for as much as others.

The show is not quite 5 stars, but not quite 4. Between that range you will find Star Driver. If you are a fan of anime like this, by all means pick it up. It is one I could see watching again, if only to get better understanding of all the backstory involved.

First of all, this is an incredible series. Disregard that other review on a Gurren Lagann replica. It is nothing like Gurren Lagann. I am not going to go into the details of the story, but it is basically about a boy who washes ashore on a town, and this town can operate star drivers. The boy (Takuto) is a star driver and he is fighting to put an end to the creation of Star Drivers. It is one large plot. Each episode is similiar in formula, but each battle becomes more and more epic. The animation is absolutely incredible. The sound track is great. My recommendation is check our the first few episodes on Hulu, and see for yourself if its worth buying. This is one of the best animes I have seen in a long time. Anyone would be proud to have this in their collection.

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If you like gunbuster the anime, star driver has a similar style. Must have for your collection. Get the second half of the series.

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Having seen this series before via fansubs, I already knew I liked it enough to buy it. It has an interesting plot, good characters, great music, and awesome animation. This is a mech series, so if robots aren't your thing then you may want to move along.

That said, I'm not really writing this to review the series, but this release itself. I have no problems with the image or sound quality or the typical lack of any real extras. What did surprise me is that there is no english language track. This doesn't bother me, I prefer the original audio and subtitles, but I thought I'd mention it in case this is a deal breaker for anyone. The only other thing that bothers me a little bit are the subtitles. Any time there are two sets of subtitles, say, one at the top for music lyrics and one at the bottom for dialogue, they both flash anytime one of them changes. This isn't a problem for the most part, but it is very noticeable when there's heavy music and dialogue going on at the same time. Hopefully this issue will be fixed in future reprints of the release.

Overall I think it's a great series and I hope they make another season.

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I got the dvd on the aug 11. It look's great ty for selling it to me.

just need vol. 2

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