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Shrek (Two-Disc Blu-ray 3D/DVD Combo) (2001)

ShrekFirst, there's the Shrek film, which is not only an Academy Award winning Animated film...It's one of the best Films I've ever seen. I HIGHLY recommend that you buy the ASIN=B00003CXXJ version of Shrek which is both Widescreen and Fullscreen DVD, with great extras. The Shrek in this DVD pack is just Full Screen, which is an insult to this amazing film.

Then, there's Shrek 3-D, which is a great "4-D" theme park attraction at Universal Studios. It looses some of it's funniness going from 4-D to 3-D...so see it at the theme park, in all it's glory. Here, it is only presented in Anaglyph (Latin for "annoying"). The 15 minute short is presented in 2 formats, 2-D (why?!?) and Anaglyph (Red/Cyan glasses). Very bad move not to have included a Field Sequential 3-D version, which is what all the 3-D film lovers were readying their wallets for. Anaglyph looks like bad 3-D on all TVs, while Field Sequential looks great, but only works some TVs. Including both would've sold very well.

Lastly...there's NO "Making Of Shrek 3-D" on the 3-D DVD...just 2 versions of a 15 minute short, and an interesting ad/trailer for Shrek 2.

Skip this 2 pack. Buy the Widescreen DVD of Shrek. And hope they re-release Shrek 3-D in Field Sequential 3-D, with a Making Of, as a single DVD, later.

Shrek has grossed over 260 million in the theaters (as of Aug. 14, 2001). That's within .05% of the top grossing animation of all times, Toy Story (@ 262 million). Shrek is a great 3D movie. The 3D computer animation is second, only to Final Fantasy. The story is more involving than what I expected. The voices were well cast and performed. The whole film awsome. I'm sure you're aware of that or you wouldn't be reading this now. It has both adult (clean adult) and kids humor. The writers plagerized just about everyone and it was hilarious. Okay, now for the DVD. This DVD is created as 2 parts. One disc is aimed for the kids and the format is "full Screen" (pan & scan) and includes 17 DVD-ROM games. The other disc is geared more for adults and is letterbox formatted. Both discs have 3 minutes of extended ending that was never scene in the theatrical release. There's 'Making Of' and 'Behind The Scenes'. It encludes 11 hours of extras. There are also running commentaries. This DVD will actually allow you to replace a charector's voice with you own with "Sherk's Revoice Studio" effects. There are 15 minutes of newly animated footage specifically for the DVD interactive menues.. . . . . Shall I go on? . . . There is a sticker on EVERY box saying it's a winner. Each box has eligebility to win a prize, from a Kia car to X-Box game consoles to Baskin Robins Ice cream. So, we have a fantastic movie, the most massive extras features ever on a DVD, and free give-aways. And yould be nuts not to take advantage of this offer.

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If you're looking for something a little less wholesome then Disney, but still well within the limits of 'Family values', then may I recommend Shrek. I have not had this much fun watching a movie in a long time. A fantastically fractured fairy tale that prods fun at every childhood story character and plot line that ever existed. No one is left unscathed, including Disney. There are a few major shameless blasts made at the mouse house enterprise but when it's all over, it's mostly harmless. In fact, you may think it was done out of jealousy. Shrek is incredibly animated, with textures and motions that surpass the famed Toy Story series. Every year computer animation gets better and better and this movie uses it to the fullest extent. There is no better format for this movie either. The number and diversity of the characters is well played out and well displayed in computer generation. Standard animation would not have cut it in this movie. The story line is simple; a large imposing Ogre (voiced by Mike Myers in his perfected Scottish brogue) who only wants to be left alone in his swamp, is suddenly imposed upon by every fairy tale character as they are thrown out of the kingdom. They have nowhere else to go. Out of selfishness, Shrek goes to see Lord Farquaad and ends up striking a deal to rescue a princess in order to get his swamp back. Followed menacingly by a Donkey (Eddie Murphy, in his second and even funnier voiceover roll), Shrek ventures off to a dark Castle to rescue the Princess. Upon doing this, in a spectacular battle scene no less, the three head back to Farquaad. Along the way, Shrek finds more to the princess then he thought he ever would, strangely there is something of a soul mate in this beautiful fairy tale lady. Well played also by Cameron Diaz, she is not your typical royalty. She can very well take care of herself, fighting off bandits in Matrix style kung fu precision and keeping up with Shrek in a display of bodily functions. This all leads up to a nice morality play ending that doesn't push the issue and lends to nice surprise as well. All the actors do a splendid job of voicing their characters. Everyone is alive and flowing. Murphy is especially hilarious, topping his performance as the mini-dragon in Mulan, mainly because he doesn't seem to have to hold back as much. The movie is so well paced that there are no lags, it flows right to the end. Funny, satirical, playful and beautifully animated, this movie holds all the right cards for entertainment. Even if you haven't seen it, I would recommend buying it.

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My husband and I wanted to take our 2 year old son to his first movie, and this is the one we chose. We loved it and it kept his attention. We thought it was hilarious and we hope it's out on video by Christmas so we can buy it. Great story, great animation. The soundtrack is AWESOME! I've just ordered it. This movie is a MUST for this summer! I was very impressed.

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Sitting in the theater, I watched my 6 1/2 year old nephew eat up the bright colors and classic sight gags, while I watched my 25 year old fiancee almost spill his popcorn laughing at the exact same joke. What I really liked about this movies was that duality-that one set of lines can be almost making me wet my pants while the more innocent version is keeping the little guys and gals glued to the screen. I found it to be reminiscent of the first Toy Story and the underlying message is easy for kids of all shapes and sizes to understand without being so cookie cutter sweet and sappy. Score for the big green guy. I'd take him home.

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