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Scream 2 (1997)

Scream 2Scream 2 begins at a movie theatre, were a movie called 'Stab" (based on the book "The Woodsboro Murders" which in turn was based on the killings in the first "Scream" film and was written by Gale Weathers) is playing. Two college students (Omar Epps and Jada Pinkett/Jada Pinkett Smith from The Nutty Proffesor) are murdered by yet another killer clad in black and wearing a "Father Death" mask. The next day, Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is horrified to hear this on the news and runs to her new boyfriend, Derek (Jerry O'Connell) and her old friend from the first film, Randy (Jamie Kennedy) for protection, but no matter, she is soon attacked by the killer and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox/Courteney Cox Arquette from Friends) is on the case like a lightning bolt. This annoys Sydney, but she has bigger things to worry about. The body-count is beginning to rise, and anyone is a suspect! Is it Derek ("Hello, Billy Loomis!"). Is it wounded deputy Dewey Riley (David Arquette),who seems to immediatlly show up right at the time of them murders? Is it Randy, who may have seen one to many movies and gotten brainwashed? Is it Gale, the annoying reporter who always in on the case? Is it Mickey (Timothy Olyphant), another movie freak? Is it Cici Cooper (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who defends the right to have violence in movies? Or, is it another reporter, Debbie Salt (Laurie Metcalf from Rosseanne)? Now, this mystery is going to be murder to solve!

Scream 2 is an excellent thriller and wonderful sequel to a smash hit phenomenon, Scream (1996) which was also a great movie. Scream 2's great becuase it, like 1994's Wes Craven's New Nightmare, has the courage to talk about things most horror movies would avoid. Scream 2 asks the question "Do violent movies cause our violent actions?" Wow, that's a good question. Scream 2 asks the question, and leaves it up to us to answer the question. That's the courage of this film. It's got guts.

Of course, people not looking for a real point and who just want slasher entertinment will adore this movie. Is it gory? Yes, quite. Lots of blood and goo (and brains). Some of the deaths include, stabbings in the head, guttings, regular old stabbings, a fall from a second story building, slit throat, and a pole through the head. Lots of blood and gore which is impressivly done. Also, the acting is swell. All the actors returning from the first are excellent, and the new cast is good, too. The writing from this movie is good, and once again, Wes Craven makes the film look very good. All the actors are on key, thnks to him, and he still has that style from the first.

Th Scream 2 is available in two DVD releases. If you get the film separately (and not in The Ultimat Scream Collection box set) you get a pretty mediocre DVD. The picture is OK, though non-anamorphic and stretched out on widescreen TVs. The sound is a great 5.1 surround in which dialouge is clear and the music and sound effects are booming in action scenes. But where this disk really lacks is the extras. All you have is one trailer for Scream 2 and a few recommendations. Big dissipointment.

However, if you get the truly awesome DVD box set you've got an exclusive Dimension Collector's Edition of the movie. It's really great. First off, the widescreen format is anamorphically enhanced for widescreen TVs (which is nice) and the sound is the same booming 5.1 Surround and it's just as good as the other disk. Then.... we get to the extras! First is a nice and informative commentary by Wes Craven, producer Marriane Maddelini, as well as the director of photography. Writer Kevin Williamson is no where to be heard on this track. This is a shame, because he brought a great wit to the track on the first Scream, but this commentary is still very good. Lots of interesting information to be found here! Also, we have a nice documentary on the making of the movie, some production notes, a few music videos, and lots of trailers and TV spots. A very nice supply of extras.

Scream 2 is a great movie, and getting the box set is worth it for the Collector's Edition.

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Scream 2 is on a par to its predecessor. Its as scary as part one and dialouge is more witty. The cast members are also eye candies to viewers. Even I was actually quite surprised when I noticed Rebecca Gayheart, Heather Graham, Jada Pinkett and Sarah Michelle Gellar have small roles in the movie.

The story continues as another killing strikes again after the horrific events in part one. All the 3 main characters have grown to a more serious and the writers put a more in depth personality rather than one-dimensional. Sidney (Neve Campbell) have grown more stronger this time. She's no more the "I-Am-Helpless" lady. Gale (Courtney Cox) seems more sensible and less sacarstic to get whatever she wants. Infact, she outgrown herself and her character are more in depth. Same goes for Dewey (David Arquette) no longer the idiotic hobo but a macho man.

Some of the guest roles are interesting too but rather too short. Sarah Michelle Gellar is on example who own her death scene. Its the 2nd best chase sequences in the Scream series and Sarah's 2nd best in all of her horror movies she's in (1st being I Know What You Did Last Summer) (1st being Rose McGowan death scene in Part one and Drew Barrymore's gutted scene). Jada Pinkett smith opening scene was a jaw dropper as well.

This movie is well crafted just like the 1st and the story line doesn't gets confusing for viewers. The writer's just keep it simple and stick to where part 1 left off and also twisting some characters which you didn't expect them to be what they are.

This is one of the most entertaining horror flicks of the year 1998-2000.

Scream series is definitely original, lots of slapsticks and lots of eye candies for viewers to google at and have them playing a guessing game of who lives and who dies.

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i watched the first scream movie awhile back and thought,"i need to see what happens in the sequel!" In scream 2, a new set of murders are being played out at local college based on the fictionial movie 'Stab',which is the basis of the first set of murders in woodboro. sydney from the first movie goes to school there to start fresh after learning that her boyfriend and another friend killed her mom(they might've raped her or made it appear she was raped), framed her mom's lover cotton weary, savagely murdered their friends, including their principle and a camera man. oh, they kidnapped her dad in attempt to frame him for their crimes. but now, a new killer is taking up the ghostface mantle. who is the killer this time around? i not saying anything but all i can say is watch it from beginning to end.

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Personally, I thought that Scream 2 was NOTHING in comparison to the orginal SCREAM.

The first Scream was clever,entertaining and had humor in the right places.

This Scream I thought was pretty cheesy with the jokes, the script and the acting. It almost seemed to be mocking the original movie.

You never really got to know the characters in this movie so you felt nothing through all of the "tense" scenes.

They could have done a great job with this movie but it just turned out to be pretty mediocre.

If you're even a little critical of movies then you probably shouldn't watch this.

Though I gotta give them credit for the slight twist at the end.

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I purchased this film for use in a Halloween Week Movie Extravaganza. Adult viewers (20+ y.o.) of all ages found this film entertaining, funny, satirical, and interesting. Older folks did not like the strong graphic violence but this was off-set by the challenging "who is the murderer?" puzzle presented in the film. The casting is excellent. The actors line up nicely with the stereotypical characters of the story. The only thing I would change would be to use the alternative scene involving the students talking about the influence of films on behavior conducted by the stereotypical college professor. The film has a superior soundtrack. BUY THIS FILM. It is worthy of inclusion in your Library.

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