Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Overtime (2013) (2001)

OvertimeRaphael (Al Snow) and Max (John Wells) are hitmen who kill bad guys after they confide in defense attorney Samantha Carter (Katie Stewart) and she gets them off. Raph has a normal family life and it is his son's birthday. His wife tasks him with getting a clown, a cake, and a gift at the last minute. He stops by to see Samantha to get paid, but she has one more task for our duo to perform.

Our guys have their own grindhouse swagger music that is interrupted by a phone call from the wife (Cristina Mullins). Unable to secure a clown at the last minute, they employ a drunk homeless man (Sean Saunders), someone who is a "Bobcat" light. Raph with his "Steven Seagal looking pony tail" and Max enter a Kentucky warehouse to do one last job only to be confronted by zombie type humans under alien control.

Overall the acting was bad, although it did win awards at the Louisville Fright Night Film Fest, go figure.

At one point in an elevator Ralp calls Max "Ray" for some reason. The dialouge was humorous, but not rip roaring funny. A fun popcorn film. John Wells did win an award for this film "Best one liner" although I can't say what it was. The film had a number of good one liners.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity. My local Walmart $9.96.

Got to see this film when it won the best feature award at the 2011 Fright Night Film Festival/Fandom Fest in Louisville KY. There was a packed house for the premier and I missed half the good parts (the one liners) due to the crowd reactions. Laughing and cheering. I recommend you get a copy on DVD and watch several times. I see or hear something new each and every time. Fun to the max.

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I would say its fresh and entertaining through out. Not too much of a zombie filled and centered focus, but the entertainment and lines keep you consistently content.

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Great movie. felt like I was in the 80's again when movies were movies. One liners, Raw acting, and kicking butt.

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It was a lot of fun, especially for a low budget film. The script was well written and the actors delivered.

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