Sunday, November 17, 2013

N-Secure (2010)

N-SecureI got my copy yesterday and I couldn't wait to view this movie....This movie is Fantastic and the story line is superb!!!!! I dated someone just like the main character and can certainly identify with the women in this movie. Excellent film, great production quality..this movie is a must see for all women who are dating!!! I give this movie 5 stars!!!!

I understand that this is an independent film and I must add again that the quality of this movie is GREAT! I am looking forward to more movies by the writers, producers and directors of this film!

"It's 12:06, I had a reservation for 12:45, you just blew it." David Alan Washington (Moore) is a very controlling man, everything must be on time and to his liking. When he comes home to find his fiance Robin (Atkins) with another man he calls off the wedding. Then begins to date Tina, and becomes much, much worse. Some movies you watch have such an emotional impact on you that it effects your judgment of the film. This is one of them. The acting from the main cast is good (the supporting is if'y at best) but the Washington character distracts you from the flaws of the movie and you focus all your attention on how much you hate him and want horrible things to happen to him. The steps he takes in order to control the women in his life are very dangerous, and the fact that some people are actually like this is terrifying. It's hard to fully judge how good the movie was because of the hatred you feel toward the main character. It has such a polarizing affect that you can't stop watching because you want to see him get what he deserves. Overall a much better movie then I expected and I think everyone should watch this in order to see the way this "man" acts. You will like the movie but hate David. I give it a B+.

Would I watch again? I would if someone who hasn't seen it wants to watch it.

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All I can say about this movie is "wow" this man is crazy as hell. I hope that I never run up on a Cordell Moore or anything close to it. Movie is awesome.

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I did see the movie and it was incredible. The music was well known and the characters were truly very attractive. But the main character David was crazy as ...! It is a must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now this is a thriller where everybody had their place and the lead was such a bastard that you couldn't wait for him to get his in the end! This was a very put-together piece and Cordell Moore earned his spot as the time-obsessed David Washington. If he couldn't get it on the minute, then he wasn't having it! I love black cinema when it's done with care, whether it's romance, action or even sci-fi and this leads the top of my charts.

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