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Mimic 3 Film Set (Mimic / Mimic 2 / Mimic 3) (2012)

Mimic 3 Film SetLionsgate, you've won douche bag of the year award for making the most shameless Blu-ray forced advertisement release. I literally thought there was something wrong with the first movie disc since I couldn't find THE MOVIE, I stopped it twice to see what the hell was going on and restarted it only to realize that it wasn't the typical 2 movie trailers I had to skip over, it took 14 button presses of the NEXT button on my remote to get to the main menu and you can't bypass it. YES, FOURTEEN presses...

I haven't seen one of these movies so this is a cool package, it's just that Lionsgate is beyond insulting, usually if you buy a deluxe type of set, or bundled set like this you get cool extras, not trailers that require 14 clicks to even get to the movie.

ANYWAY, that's my only gripe... I can't recall if I'd seen Mimic 2, and after just having watched it I can see why... it's quite forgettable. The third movie is probably the best, despite it borrowing Hitchcock's Rear Window concept it's a great film and utilizing that Hitchcock theme of voyeuristic suspense lends itself well to the Mimic storyline. All three movies are decent HD transfers although some scenes are grainy like many other movies, low light scenes seem to suffer the migration to HD? After you get over the ridiculous trailers that never seem to end, I really like the format of the main menu for the second disc which contains Mimic 2 and Mimic 3, you can swap movies via the PLAY menu and I like the way the movie is still playing in a shrunken window when jumping scenes etc... nothing to fancy but stylish and functional. There are little extras but I find this little set quite enjoyable and worth the money, it's a good deal even though Mimic 2 is pretty sad viewing. Mimic 1 and 3 are great quality horror/sci-fi films while Mimic 2 is an average B movie grade flick. In the end I find Mimic 3 the most stylish and moody of the 3 movies, great music score, decent acting and cool little plot... I did laugh at the way they used the young girl as a blatant lolita tease in the first few scenes of the movie prior to her drug dealer boyfriends death.

I was so excited when I saw this three film set. I didn't even know there was a Mimic 2 and 3 and I love the first Mimic. Well, thank goodness the first movie is in there, because the other two, in my opinion, were awful!! I made it threw the second one...with a hollow disappointed feeling....never even finished the third, it was THAT BAD!

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This type of set needed to be done for many movie series. The blu ray mastering is very close to what they shot. Film grain shows up because that's what you would expect. Mira sorvino is at her peak here and she just never got a chance to shine much later on sadly. All three were low budget movies but you get the directors cut here too on the first movie. Which is more than the canadian release had. The other two were made to dvd movies and were not as good but in spite of that the third one is quite interesting , the second one is more average but none of the flicks here are awful in the least. This deserves five stars for the fact that they gave the whole series at a good price and that they did a good job of mastering the movies. there are no extras on the last two movies. This is how the species and tremors series could have been handled as well. So you get no complaints from me. Some people who don't like sci fi might not give this set a chance. But even the cheapest movie here is pretty advanced to what alot of low budget movies are like from the period. the first one though is a much higher quality as you would expect. As these series go on they usually don't get better. But here is the whole trilogy on blu ray for a good price even. The picture quality is excellent too on all three movies.

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While not quite a fair review of the blu-ray of the series, I have watched all three movies and while the first one is one of my all-time favorite movies, the second and third were just awful. Unless you're a fan of really bad, and I mean not so bad they're funny, but so bad they're just a waste of time, just get the first movie by itself. I'd give the first movie five stars, but the second and third get one star each, thus a total of a 3 star rating. I can't stress enough to just get the original movie only, I don't know why they thought this release was such a great idea.

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Finally they put them all together, which makes it sooo much more easier! I already had the first one but the second and third never seemed available so I was excited to see this in the stores.

The first and second were great but the third I thought was a bore, they should have stopped it at the second one. I felt like they just made that one and put the name on it for the money and no one seemed into it even the actors. The acting was pretty horrible in my opinion and they didnt seem to have much depth to them. There didn't seem to be much of any depth anywhere in the last one.....

SO, Rating for putting them all together (5/5). Mimic (5/5). Mimic 2 (5/5). Mimic 3 (1/5)

Equals out to 4/5 stars in my eyes!

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