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Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatThe film approach to this musical was a smart move-the "we'll tape a performance" approach is kinda cheesy. The sets were great, especially the desert scene, and the costumes were imaginative. The songs were very nice; they go from a catchy jingle-type advertisement for "Jacob and Sons" to a Western theme ("One More Angel in Heaven"), to a somewhat 1920's approach in "Potiphar," to a 1960's Austin Powers-ish "Go Go Joseph", to the bluesy Elvis-themed "Song of the King", and to the Jamaican "Benjamin Calypso."

Donny Osmond shines as Joseph: he can really sing! Richard Attenborough was very good as Jacob, who sang a few lines and was actually pretty good at it! Mrs. Potiphar (Joan Collins) was hilarious, as was Robert Torti as Pharaoh "The King." (He was my dad's favorite character; he's watched the Pharaoh's song about a million times.) The eleven brothers are really funny, too! The only character I have a minor problem with is the Narrator, played by Maria Friedman. She has great facial expressions, but her singing voice is less-than-stupendous. (Listen to some of the cast recordings, particularly the 1993 LA cast; you'll hear the difference.)

PS As for the supposedly pornographic scenes with Mrs. Potiphar, they happen so quickly and the plot moves to Joseph in jail so fast there hardly isn't any time for questions of any sort. I'm a Christian, and I've seen worse things on network television.

All I can say is, Go, Go, Go, Joseph!

Ever since I saw this show on stage in LA about ten years ago, I've been dying to have a copy I could watch over and over and over... Well, that day has come. I saw the video version on a recent trip to London-and am sold on it's value. The cast is amazing, lead by Donny Osmond's unflappable vocal ability. Unlike the cats video, no songs have been cut out, and no songs have been shortened, with the possible exception of the Joseph Megamix, which has been revamped to serve as an end credit theme. The sets have been built as immersive environments, not a filmed version of the stage show. Also of note-a preview before the show of the new production of Jesus Christ Superstar set to come to video this Easter!

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I have to say I'm an Andrew Lloyd Webber's fan. I saw Joseph for the very first time in London five years ago. I think the show is superb; and this video, too. Donny Osmond fits the carachter; but Mary Friedman , as the Narrator, plays her role in an absolutely remarkable way. Excellent the rest of the supporting cast, including Richard Attemborough and Joan Collins as Mrs Potiphar. Without any doubt, the best musical video I ever saw since "Cats"

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I saw Joseph for the first time about 4 years ago, and wondered why I waited so long to see it. I took my older children (then aged 8 & 9) to see it two years later--they loved it, too! They insisted I buy the soundtrack CD (also an awesome thing to have), and now my three year old bops around the house singing, "Go, go, go Joseph!" Good music, great lyrics, a great evening for the entire family! A must for Andrew Lloyd Weber fans of all ages.

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This is THE best DVD I own! Donny Osmond is great, but Maria Friedman is SENSATIONAL! I prefered this movie version to Cats because this is a real movie, where as Cats was just a film of the stage show. Do yourself a favour and buy this DVD. You'll love it!

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