Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hellraiser: Bloodline / Hellraiser: Inferno (Miramax Double Feature) (2011)

Hellraiser: Bloodline / Hellraiser: InfernoI understand that echo bridge has taking alot of flack recently regarding their recent handling of miramax titles and rightfully so, however this particular product is definitely worth a look if you are a hellraiser fan. The picture quality on Bloodline is leaps and bounds above the previous non anamorphic release. It truly is the best it has ever looked, it felt like I was watching it for the first time. Is it better than The Dark Knight or Tron Legacy? Of course not, nor should anybody be expecting that. Nonetheless, it looks AMAZING for a mid-90's horror movie. This movie has never or probably ever will look better than this. Inferno on the other hand is really not a huge jump up in quality from the dvd. It doesn't look bad at all, it just wont knock you off your feet. Keep in mind that inferno was also a Direct to video release therefore, expectations should be adjusted accordingly. There really should be no complaints regarding this product especially at this price. I would have paid 9.00 to have bloodline alone.

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