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Harry Potter Years 1-7 Part 1 Gift Set

Harry Potter Years 1-7 Part 1 Gift SetMy 7 year old daughter recently discovered the Harry Potter movies while they were on TV one weekend. I wanted to get her all the movies that were out this far (1-7) but did not want to pay individual DVD prices for each one. Then I found this set on Amazon for this great price. This set does only have the 7 movies on DVD (7 individual DVDs) no extra DVDs come with it. Some of the DVDs do have a few "extras" but not all. This is a great set if you are looking just to get the movies. My daughter loves them and even my husband and I have grown a liking to Harry Potter.


THE ORIGINAL: I am an avid Harry Potter fan. I own all of the books and movies purchasing as far back as vhs, then DVD and now Blu-ray. The plus for the set is the Blu-ray itself is beautiful viewing, really clean and lively colors BUT, anyone who has viewed the earlier copies will notice that many scenes have been dropped and others added. Scenes I notice missing are not even in the deleted scenes. Anyway, lots of changes I've noticed in all of the movies in this set AND, WHAT IS VERY INCONVENIENT IS, THERE ARE NO SCENE SELECTIONS AVAILABLE IF YOU STOP THE MOVIE FOR OVERNIGHT. I have hunted thru all the settings and find no way to set up scene selections and so have decided they are non existent. ALSO, after purchasing a large screen to improve viewing pleasure, I can tell you the wording in the extras are much too small for reading (our screen isn't the biggest but it is 42 inch) plus the fancy fonts makes reading them even more difficult. A really poor choice from the developers of this series or for that matter any extras on any DVD. TO THE POWERS THAT BE, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WE CAN'T SEE THAT LITTLE STUFF AND TO MAKE IT WORSE YOU PUT IT ON PATTERNED BACKGROUNDS. A real shame for some of us who enjoy the extras as well as the movies. I had thought about returning the set as there are so many changes in the movies I wasn't sure I was happy not being told of them in the advertising but decided that some of the changes are good overall. Anyway, that about covers my thoughts on this particular set. Beautiful to look at but unexpected changes and poorly planned mapping of the Blu-ray for us, the viewer. For the price they should have included the original movies along with the changed versions so we could make a choice for watching, ALSO THE SCENE SELECTIONS WOULD BE GOOD. Signing myself, IRRITATED.

THE EDIT: The helpful comment from a reader was that he had purchased the set and not had the same scene selections issues. I went back into my set spending a lot of time with the TV Wand and settings. I discovered that there are, hidden scene settings for these Blu-ray DVDs. I don't know why they didn't show up and they have been difficult to discover, not an easy format of programming in this Blu-ray set at least not for me. I have very little problem, usually, and why this particular set is a problem I don't know but I do want readers and possibly buyers to know, I WAS WRONG PER THIS PARTICULAR INSTANCE; THERE ARE SCENE SELECTIONS. Wishing things would always be easier in the programming of the DVD we purchase but guessing it will take more study on my part to discover EASY and proficient. Thanks for reading. RSBlain

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Harry Potter Years 1-7 (part one) was purchased for a movie-marathon for 5 HP-crazy boys who have read the books, were involved in a research project, and now planned a sleep-over to view the first movies before going to see the final one in the theater. This Harry Potter set was perfect for this purpose, as the boys wanted to get through all the movies in 2 days (with very little sleep!).

The only downside: This set doesn't include a bunch of extras, so if that's what you are interested in, don't get this.

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This was an amazing find! This was the cheapest I've found it anywhere including stores and online. I ordered and received it well before the expected delivery date. It was a great way to prepare for the final movie. I would definitely recommend ordering from this site.

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I've read a few reviews on this product, and the reviews that had low ratings were because they didn't see why you would purchase this collection. I understand you probably wouldn't buy this if you already had all the DVDs or even for that matter a couple of the VHSs. The reason I would buy this is because I don't have a copy of any of them for myself, and getting all of them so far in Blu-ray format is a plus. Now I know you might think, "then why not wait until that last part of "The Deathly Hallows" comes out, because they are just going to put them all in a box then." You have a valid point, but at the same time it isn't that big of a deal to me to get these ones now and then just buy the single when it comes out later. Either way if you are looking for a collection and want them all in Blu-ray format, and you can't wait until the very last one comes out on tape, then buy it.

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