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Dear John (2010)

Dear JohnI saw the movie in theaters the weekend after it opened. I was extremely excited, it was something I had been waiting on for weeks. Some of my friends had told me they did not like it or it was not what they expected, even hearing that I was disappointed. About 30 minutes into the movie I started crying and it continued the remainder of the movie. Dear John, touched my heart in a way no movie has in a long time, I felt connected with the characters. I recommended this movie to all my friends and I recommend it to you too! It was everything I expected and more! :)

Being a big fan of the ultra talented Amanda Seyfried, It pains me to admit that I was disappointed with DEAR JOHN. I wasn't disappointed with the acting, but more-so the lack of direction and lack of story.

Ultimately, DEAR JOHN, was littered with montage after montage after montage. I have never seen so many montages used to get points across in my life. Thanks to these 'how to tell a story quickly' montages, we never feel the emotions behind it all. We get a montage to show how they fell in love. We get a montage to show how they seperated. We get a montage that shows how they kept in contact while John (Channing Tatum) is in the military. We get a montage that shows how 9/11 effected their lives and so on and so on. There are many more MONTAGES to follow... including the finale.

Montages are used to get across a lot of information at a time or to get across that someone is doing a lot of the same thing over and over. First of all, there wasn't an overabundance of story here that 14-20 montages were necessary. Yet, with all the montages there should have been a bonus feature montage of the montage to get across how the director used the montages to tell his entire story.

Dear John could have been so, so much better had we truly spent some quality time with the characters dealing with their time apart, had the director had faith in his actors to get across the information with their emotions and acting abilities. Yet, he didn't, and the result was an extended high dollar Hallmark Cards commercial with 'A' list actors.

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"Dear John" is a poignant movie, especially for a veteran or the family of those who serve in our armed forces. This film presents the picture of a budding romance between a soldier and his civilian sweetheart. The movie portrays the life of a deployed soldier, and the pressures that occur as the demands of the military clash with the world on the home front.

The story begins as John Tyree, played by Channing Tatum, meets Savannah, played by Amanda Seyfried. John and Savannah fall in love, and reluctantly part as John returns for his last year of commitment to the military. Unfortunately the 9-11 attacks happen and John extends to support his country in war. The continuing separation places great strain on John and Savannah's relationship.

This movie teaches lessons in communication. John and Savannah have difficulty communicating their deep feelings and intentions. They know they love each other, but struggle with revealing their feelings and uncovering the barriers to understanding each other. This leads to making assumptions concerning the other persons intentions and feelings. The bad communication affects their relationship.

As a military veteran I found the scenes of John on active duty very realistic. John is a "special forces" soldier assigned to a special forces team. The attitudes and actions of John and his comrades is impressive in its accuracy and aura.

"Dear John" relates a great story and tells it well. I highly recommend this film.

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This movie had such potential. I was so looking forward to seeing it after reading the book. I guess my first mistake was finishing the books only days before seeing the movies. I guess I should have known it had the potential to be drastically changed after having seen A WALK TO REMEMBER several times before reading the book. It was soooo different. Too different, though still both very good stories.

Why, oh why do authors let that happen! And movie directors. If a book is a hit, why in God's name would they change it? Not just change it but major changes. It makes me wonder which I should Nicholas Sparks books or see his movies? It's not really working doing both.

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I know people usually say the book is better than the movie, and I really don't want to admit that it is completely true with Dear John. I loved the book so much and loved that I was able to feel their passion, heartache, and desire. When I went to watch the movie, I had a hard time feeling those emotions from the characters. I really like Channing and Amanda and I don't know if it really was just my love for the book and high expectations or if the "it" factor just wasn't there. I was also disappointed how they changed some characters, and perhaps that was enough of a distraction to truly appreciate the film.

Perhaps when the movie comes out on DVD, I will watch it again (and not read the book before hand) and see if my perception changes. I really am rooting for this movie though, because it is such a great story and I feel that Channing and Amanda suit the characters of John and Savannah really well.

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