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Brave New World (1998)

Brave New WorldUpdate classics as Shakespeare and you distort the feel along with the message. It was written for a period and the more you deviate the more you lose the point let alone the ambiance. Update "Brave New World" and you threaten to do the same. However the use of today's technology and making the primitives just unruly people (shades of Logan's Run) did not actually distract that much and may even have been the original intention.

The movie uses well know actors that fit the characters (Peter Gallagher as Bernard Marx and Leonard Nimoy as Mustapha Mond). The scenery is and sci-fi technology is well done and believable.

With all of this there is a great letdown when the story line is not followed and the sting and impact is missing from the book as the story was changed into just a contemporary social commentary. The book by Aldous Huxley is based on the day's example of genetic engineering or a least a little alcohol to create people that were happy in their station. The character John hangs him self in exasperation. In this teleplay rewritten by Dan Mazur and David Tausik the Brave new World is just a society of sex-crazed drudges and John just trips and accidentally falls to his death. There are several other watered down differences.

Purists are bound to hate this and ask why the effort. Others may find this teleplay interesting enough as entertainment.

Animal Farm

A made for TV film that boasts wonderful acting and a script that both visualizes and honors the thought provoking work (of great depth), which provides the title.

Leaving the plot description for others a thought:

It is evident that the team responsible for this film treated the content very seriously, this is a work of love.

This film had somehow found itself buried under years of lesser films, and seen by too few but it is a gem.

A recommended choice for viewing and a buy if ever it appears on DVD.

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I agree that this was a very nice adaptation of Brave New World. Nimoy is fabulous, perfectly cast, if not quite true to the book, and the story of John the Savage and the depiction of the culture was spot-on. It is VERY useful for classroom work on the book.

Highly recommended and wondering why it isn't available on DVD?

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I first saw this movie on TV and was moved by its great adaptation of a great book which I have already read. Now Im seriously wondering why in the heck its not on DVD. My TV will not play VHS and my VHS player is out in my garage, gathering dust. It really needs to be on DVD. So I cannot even buy it on VHS for the above reasons, but really loved the movie as shown on TV. Anyone know how to request it be released in at least a DVD format? If so I will be the first to sign up. This book is hard to adapt to TV so I think it was well done. Now lets get it out on DVD.

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synopsis: humanity divided from alphas to deltas. a higher up("alpha") in the futureistic aryan-like subculture, or superculture, and his hotish accomplice(also an "alpha") find redeeming qualities in a man from the part of society this superculture chooses to ignore. put to very good music(which i continue to search for), this was and continues to be my most prized recording from the sci fi channel. it was a tired 2am gamble which paid off. i only wish i could get it on dvd. i have come to hate sci fi channel programing, but this was a true find, with great redeeming qualities, such as leonard nemoy, good music and a confidant plot. and best of allLEONARD NEMOY!!!!!!

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