Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball (1997)

Bounty Hunters 2: HardballThis is actually on the par of those made for Cinemax or Showtime movies, actually better. There's a degree of comedic interplay between Dudikoff and Howard that's entertaining enough to raise the basic material. I liked it enough that I went out and bought the first Hard Bounty and found that just as good.

Excellent well worth its money.Dudikoff still a great b movie action star.Arrived before expected . Awesome simply, awesome great sequel.

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Bounty Hunters 2, great movie and great story. I really do love to watch these movies. I especially like the dynamics between the lead actors.

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Picks up where bounty hunters left off. More action and chase. And once again the push and pull of the male and female bounty hunters.Just fun and entertaining,Can be seen by all.

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I have liked previous movies with Michael Dudikoff but this one and the first Bounty Hunter movie were just plain bad. Poor acting, poor story, contrived action.

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