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Battle for Terra (2007)

Battle for TerraThis Blu has been screening nicely in the store as sadly no one got to see this with that joke of a theatrical release slate.

Plenty to dissect here regarding both the subtle and overlaying future of humanity themes, but in the end the positive outcomes shine through as does the awesome animation, both preserved beautifully on the Blu. This recent trend of 5.1 Uncompressed PCM on Blu is a nice change, and it bodes well for an action filled finale like this. The clarity, colors and style of animation look great here, and I bookmarked the last 17 minute battle scene for customers and that alone has sold itself. The supplements are a bit mismanaged and include:

* 4:45 minute making-of. Way too short for what this film took to make, and most of the other extras should have been spliced into this selection.

* 4 deleted scenes totaling 7 minutes. For what this film was they all should have been left in their respective sequences.

* 25 second quip on a storyboard to final rendering analysis on one scene.

* 2:13 minute Animatics picture in picture clip. Shows the animation changes between production levels of the escape sequence.

* 20 slides containing text and and drawing notes of initial production design.

* Pulling the Strings, 1:26 minute low grade animation clip of the director stating his reasons for making this and other films and what he hopes to accomplish.

* Crew commentary, catered to the animation followers.

The menu is eye catching and plays with some decent music. The navigation is too extensive for younger viewers and could have been made much simpler regarding the supplements (combine everything next time). This gets a 5 rating for Lionsgate on a solid picture and sound product. A PG rating with maybe a few scary moments for really young viewers, but presentable to everyone, I think. Have not had any kids run screaming to mom yet while it plays here. Hope you enjoy.

Seldom do animations of this quality and creative imagination also elicit thoughtful and emotional responses from the viewer. But such appears to be the case as many other reviewers have expressed similar thoughts. So! Praise to the director, writers and animation crew for an exceptionally crafted story.

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This movie was great. It was the first 3-D movie I ever went and saw. Due to the horrible job done promoting this movie not many people even saw it. Which is fine because my friend and I had the whole theater to ourselves. A private screening at a public movie theater of one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Most people won't like this movie because it makes us humans out to be the bad guys. The movie was great. Animation for being made with the money it was made for is excellent. The message great. If you are one of the ones who didn't get to see this in theaters, which I'm sure most of you reading this are aside from a few scary moments which may disturb younger viewers this movie truly is a diamond in the rough.

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This is an interesting sci-fi animation. Great for both kids and adults. Has a new twist on alien invasion. Not predictable!

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I picked up the movie at the free video store shelf at Family Video. It is actually worth paying for and not a FREE movie. The story line is good and it keeps your interest Well Done

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