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Bad Ass (2012)

Bad AssThis film is just a fun little action film that shouldn't be taken too serious. And if you're into those kinds of movies, you should enjoy this one. And with a tagline "They 'messed' with the wrong senior citizen", how can you go wrong? Personally, I'm a big Danny Trejo fan. And its nice to see him play in more starring roles (like Machete). And this role fits him perfectly. The film has plenty of action, some amusing lines of dialogue, and actually a pretty good storyline. In fact, its partly based on a true event of an older man beating a younger guy up on a bus (which is how the film begins). The acting is decent, and the only kinda weak thing is some of the special effects look very obvious. Other than that, I can't complain to much about the film. I definitely enjoyed it. You have to know what kind of film you're watching in order to have the right expectations. Obviously, if you bought or rent this expecting something like Training Day or something other more dramatic action film, then you're gonna be disappointed. Though certain elements of this film does put me in mind of something like Gran Torino and Death Wish. But this movie isn't supposed to be overly serious and dramatic really, and it knows that. Its just a fun action film to watch, oh and with a great theme song as well!

There is nothing like getting cozy with a warm and fuzzy Danny Trejo vigilante film with a hot cup of cocoa made with my Keurig coffee machine bought on the Amazon. Oh Wait! I'm not in the vine program. Never mind.

Danny Trejo, ex-Vietnam war vet, hot dog stand entrepreneur, becomes a reluctant vigilante after his war buddy Klondike (Harrison Page) was murdered. The police are dragging their feet on the investigation. The movie compares him to Charles Bronson, but at times he is more like Harry Brown. Ron Perlman has a minor role as the crooked mayor. Very cliche filled film.

It attempts to be funny, but can really only muster mild humor. Perhaps the funniest aspect is how our tough BA vigilante takes the bus everywhere he has to go to find the bad guys. This is not the grindhouse style Trejo fans are used to seeing, although it does turn bloody after a slow start. It is worth a rental.

Frequent F-bomb, brief sex, brief nudity

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"You killed my best friend, how do you want to die?" When Vietnam vet Frank Vega (Trejo) returns to the US he has big plans for his life. When a few things don't go his way life begins to pass him by. He is now 60 and lost. While taking the bus one day he defends an elderly man who is being picked on and finds himself a local hero. After his friend is murdered and the cops don't do enough he decides to take the law into his own hands. I have to start by saying that only Danny Trejo could play this part, it is so perfect for him. Perfect blend of over the top action and comedy and realistic action that only he can pull off. That said this is really nothing original combining parts of "Falling Down", "Gran Torino" and "Hobo With A Shotgun" but what the movie is is very entertaining. There are some movies that suck you in with a story and keep you interested and guessing. This is not one of those movies but if you are looking for a movie to put in and be entertained for an hour and a half with out much thinking then this is perfect. Overall, not a good movie per se, but a very entertaining one that is worth a watch. I give it a B.

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Bad Ass is an action film inspired by a fight that occurred on a bus; the "Epic Beard Man" incident, except, in this film, his nickname is changed to "Bad Ass". The film was very fun.

Danny Trejo does a great job in this film. It does build up slowly, though. I thought it had some great fist fights, especially how the last fight was shot. It's not a comedy, but I did laugh a couple of times; I particularly enjoyed the references to the actual events like the "Somebody call the amberlamps (ambulance)" line. It's not really over-the-top, but the final bus chase scene was. I didn't really like the blood special effects, but it was really only a minor issue. I was entertained all the way through, and hope to see more of Danny Trejo.

Overall, I recommend Bad Ass. Fans of films like Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun will probably enjoy it the most because it gives off a similar vibe, but don't expect anything too violent. As of 8/11/12, this film is available on Netflix Streaming.

Bad Ass has strong violence and some gore, strong language, and some sex and nudity.

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It reminded me of movies from old. Had a flavor to it as if John Carpenter had directed it, but nicer. Well done Craig Moss (Director).

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