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An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet) (2012)

An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the StarsI watched this movie with 2 six year olds and 2 eight year olds (3 girls and a boy) and it was a hit. It is pretty standard American Girl fare the plot centers on McKenna, who is a fantastic gymnast but has some struggles in school, and then injures her foot which prevents her from practicing gymnastics right as she's heading into a big competition. Her parents decide it's the perfect opportunity for her to bring her grades up, and get her a tutor, who happens to be wheelchair-bound, enabling lots of politically-correct realizations about disabled individuals on the part of McKenna. In the meantime she has a falling out with her best friend because she's embarrassed to tell her she has a tutor and the friend can sense she's lying about something. The movie is basically about McKenna navigating through all these elementary-age dilemmas and challenges, and about the lessons she learns in the process.

The film is very unrealistic when it comes to gymnastics, and on several other fronts as well there's a spooked horse scene and a library spy scene that are pretty over the top and borderline campy. But the kids I watched it with were riveted the whole time, and it's hard to imagine any parent objecting to the overall themes of the importance of honesty, doing well in school, supporting your friends, and standing up for yourself. So while it's definitely not movie theater quality, it's a great home viewing option if you have 6-10 year old girls in your household.

This was a fun, family oriented film that fits in well with the American Girl series of movies. The movie brings out some salient messages that I love to share with my own girls in relation to friendship, teamwork and perseverance. What I love most about this movie is that it is the type of movie that you can watch over and over again with your family and it reinforces messages that you want your girls to see and believe in! The acting in the movie was great and my girls just loved the film in its entirety. If you are a fan of American Girl or a fan of great family oriented films that will motivate and inspire your girls to achieve more, you will want to pick up this film today!

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My mom got this movie for me! I am twelve years old, and a big fan of American Girl. We currently own two other movies from AG, and I have seen all except one. I would say this one was tied with Carissa Stands Strong! It is a wonderful movie about friendship,telling the truth, and confidence.

McKenna is a young gymnast hoping to make the regional competitive gymnastic team. Her coach (Cathy Rigby, olympic gymnastics medal winner)helps her to perfect her moves. She works hard at her sport, but is having trouble in school. When her parents suggest a tutor she is embarrassed. McKenna tries her best to hide it from her friends. Then she takes a bad fall in the gym, and is stuck in a cast for eight weeks. Soon she comes to like her tutor. They even become friends. Having her leg in a cast helps her to understand her tutor better. Her best friend, Tyling, feels replaced, and there is only three weeks until the competition. She is torn between her two friends, gymnastics and school. Finally after much practice she makes the team, and her friends finally agree.


I love this movie! It's great for all ages! I would recommend this to anyone! Nothing bad to say about it!

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We have watched this over and over. My little gymnast is amazed and it is a wholesome, family film. Highly recommend this item as a gift for any young girl.

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This is my daughter's favorite movie, hands-down. It teaches a good lesson and has good morals. She could watch it over and over again.

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