Monday, October 21, 2013

Under the Stars

Under the StarsProbably one of the best Andre has done since I've come to know him. He showcases a moving concert that will really touch your heart. Introducing children from South Africa and his new soloist also from South Africa. Quite an inspiring DVD but more so because I was present at this concert.

Love this DVD.

Andre Rieu is fun to watch and the music is well performed. Great showmanship is seen in this presentation from an impressive ensemble of talented musicians and singers. The sights and sounds from a people not that distant from us.

In viewing, I am noticing the voyeur aspects. It is fun to see the audience enjoying the performances. Their faces are a treasure.

I read someone say there are too many audience shots. For me, that's part of the gold found here.


PS... on my display the video on this DVD is clear and crisp. No discrepancies were seen.

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A "must" for Andre Rieu fans! Recorded and filmed "live", in the Maestro's hometown in the Netherlands. A beautiful concert, and almost as good as being there, but of course, not quite!

However, this is a very close "second" place.

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My father is an avid Andre Rieu fan. AVID. He absolutely loves this DVD and watches "The Holy City" over and over again and cries every time. I couldn't have given him a better gift thie Christmas. It will bring him hours of enjoyment for years to come.

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Under the Stars.

Love it. Andre can do no wrong in the music world. I purchase every new Rieu CD I come across..

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