Friday, October 25, 2013

Spy Kids Triple Feature (2011)

Spy Kids Triple FeatureSpy kid movies are great for younger children (5+). They have a positive message and contain action sequences, but not gratuitious violence a good age-appropriate alternative for my five year old son who wants to watch Transformers!

The Spy Kids Trilogy is a cost effective option for purchasing all the movies that have been release to DVD (does not include Spy Kids 4, which was recently released at the movie theatre). The trilogy includes two versions of Spy Kids 3 regular and 3D. Please note that the 3D verion is not the kind that is compatible with the new 3D blu-ray players and HD TVs it is "old school" 3D with blue/red paper 3D glasses (two pairs are included with the trilogy).

All the spy kids movies are amazing! They're great for kids 6-14. The kids stay interested and can't pull away from it. As adults, we love the movies too. Very entertaining. Definitely worth having. We were able to get the Trilogy for $14.97 (shipping price included) BRAND NEW. Look around to find a good deal on them. GREAT MOVIES!

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You really can't go wrong with the Spy Kids movies. Just be prepared to watch them over and over and over again.

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My kids love these movies. The movies are perfect for the kids, and the convenience of buying all three was great for me! My son is 6, and the content of the movies is just about right.

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My seven-year-old daughter loves these movies and can't wait for the 4th one to come out on DVD to add to her collection. If your child likes Shark Boy & Lava Girl, he or she will probably enjoy these as well. They are even fun for adults. There's action, humor, and enough fantasy to spark your child's imagination. Our entire family enjoys these, even our 11-year-old daughter.

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