Monday, October 14, 2013

Soundstage: Seal (2009)

Soundstage: SealThis concert is a great mix of familiar and newer songs. Visually stunning with choreographed lighting and background scenes. I was dissappointed to find the concert is less than a dozen songs, but suppose it is setup to produce a one hour Soundstage broadcast. In any case, I would rather hear 10 great songs than to hear a 20 song concert with lots of meaningless songs thrown in. The 2 additional tracks in the bonus section are equally well done. This blu-ray DVD is definitely a keeper for my collection!

I just happened to see this dvd on a display at Sears, and wanted to purchase it, but I don't have the Blu-ray format. However, I knew I wanted the dvd, because I'd seen him perform some of the songs on tv, and I already own the cd. I told a friend of mine about it -they have Blu-ray. Anyway, They bought the dvd, because I kept raving about it. Well, WOW! It was sooo good! I absolutely love it. Until I heard Seal's Soul album, I knew nothing about his music. But once I heard this, I knew I'd be checking out more of his work. But it was seeing him perform live that really did it for me. He gives a rich performance. His energy and passion, along with his distictive sound, and the camera work, really come together to create a 5 star performance! I just want it to be released in regular dvd format. I'd buy it today! Oh, the dvd does not contain every song on the cd, although I wish it did. But it is still a top notch show. The stage design is beautiful, the picture quality is incredible. I've already watched it 3 times, back to back, and I'm searching now for a standard dvd vrsion, if it's available. This is a well produced show. If I could change anything, it would be to add all the songs from the album, and make it available on standard dvd format. The songs on the cd and dvd are 1960's feel good favorites.

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I am not one to harp on things, but this bluray disc with SEAL singing the standards from the Soul album is simply incredible. To place the visual with the audible in a music dvd is always an incredible experience, but this one is much more powerful. This is a must buy, if you love music and if you enjoy SEAL. You will find yourself lifted when he sings "A Change Is Gonna Come", all the way to the end when he does his first hit, "Crazy". You will enjoy it.

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I was lucky enough to find a this Blu-Ray at a second-hand store... as with Seal's live DVD, the performance, picture and sound are all first rate!

Highly Recommended...

Give us more Seal on Blu-Ray please...

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I bought this and couldn't wait to get it on when it arrived at my house in Australia


Other stuff with the same warning has played in Oz but not this one

I sourced it elsewhere and its a great live set by Seal

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