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SnowmanNot your usual children's video, THE SNOWMAN will transport you to a magical fantasy world with nothing but moving music and gentle images of this little boy and his wonderful snowy friend. No dialog is needed here, you simply sit back and let yourself relax and enjoy the experience. First time I showed this film to my classroom of four year olds they were fixated to the screen and I was amazed at how much emotion the story evoked in me. I bought the film for my own nieces and they watch it over and over, not just at holiday time. It has now become a classic in our own children's video library. A must have for the entire family.

I bought this video, indeed searched for it after I heard the snowman's song. I take it out to listen to it often. I wish they would release a sound track or something. The song is haunting and lyrical. It feels like flying through a winter sky should feel. Enjoy it for yourself.

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My husband and I first saw this video on public television about 15 years ago and thought it was fabulous, and anxiously waited for it to play during the Christmas season. When our daughter was born, it was finally available on VHS and she would sit mesmerized watching the color and and listening to the music throughout the movie. She wouldn't move as she sat in my lap and watched. There is not one little thing that is violent or scary -just wonderful! It is a very special movie to share with your family!

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I have seen this film dozens of times, and every time it has the same effect on me. As if by magic, I am transported just like the little boy when his beloved snowman takes his hand and they fly to a frozen land of enchantment. The flying sequence, along with the beautiful music, is just breathtaking. And the innocence of story, even Raymond Briggs short introduction, is absolutely charming. I recommend this for "children" of all ages.

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Excellent music, glowing illustrations, a story that's sweet but not cloyinginly so--this lovely little movie was a favorite of my children's from toddlerhood on. The story of a small boy showing a snowman around his house is simple enough for a 1-year-old to grasp, especially since it is told without words. But the humor and magic of the film (especially the flight to the North Pole) continue to captivate my 5-year-old. And, the music and artwork is so superior to typical childrens movie fare, you actually don't mind hearing it for the 45th time.

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