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Safe House (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet) (2012)

Safe HouseWhen the title of a movie is Safe House, one can assume that this CIA safe house in South Africa is any but safe for its intended guest, Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) a rogue CIA agent. Daniel Espinosa keeps the movie moving at a good clip with smart cinematography. Denzel Washington is believable and classy. Ryan Reynolds provides a good supporting role as a CIA safe house keeper. Overall, one of the best thriller action movies in the past year.

If you are interested in other great CIA movies, please check out Body of Lies(Leonardo Dicaprio), The Recruit(Al Pacino with Colin Farrell), and Spy Game(Robert Redford with Brad Pitt).

These are how my reviews will go from here on.

Acting: A+

Action: A+

Plot: A+

Ending: B

Sex Scenes: None

Language: Moderate

Violence: A+ and alot of it

Worth a rental or Purchase: A+

Hope you enjoy the movie.

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The action/drama/mystery film opens with a quick character build up of the multifaceted CIA agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds). He operates a safe house with nobody in it. He wants a European field assignment, but lacks department seniority.

The movie switches to Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) obtaining an embarrassing electronic file from the MI6 in South Africa. "Frost", because he is cold. Denzel uses his expected savvy to escape. He is a rouge super agent who free lances, buying and selling information. In order to escape the bad guys, Tobin surrenders to the CIA. Now the questions are: Was this his original plan? What is on the file?

Tobin is taken to our aforesaid safe house for intense interrogation.

I loved the opening of the interrogation scene. The interrogator says, "I'm here to advise you of your rights. You're being held under national security order 600 which means you have none."

Frost is too important of a person and the top secret safe house comes under attack. The young low level highly trained Matt Weston is now on the run with a man who is a master manipulator of people. To our list of unanswered questions we now add, "Who is the mole?"

Ryan and Washington give us excellent performances. It had elements of the Bourne series that made this story interesting, but it doesn't quite measure up to that film. Cliche ending. I would say if you are a fan of the trilogy, check this one out.

Multiple chase scenes, torture, killings, shoot outs, minor "roof top" jumping, car wreaks without explosions.

1 f-Bomb, no sex, no nudity. Rated R for violence.

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The acting was well done. Denzel is as good as always. Ryan Reynolds did a fabulous job. The two characters actually worked well together. The action was better than most films. For once in a film someone fired a shot in public and the police showed up also. The plot was not as tight as it could have been; but it worked. Not much of a thriller. This really was an all around good film and worth the price. I will recommend it.

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I thought it was good even if most professional reviewers hated it. Very exciting movie. I left the theatre saying it was better than the Bourne movies. The script is pretty tight and the acting is good.

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