Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Over America Deluxe (2010)

Over America DeluxeI was really pleased with the quality of the camera work displayed in this series. As a pilot and flight instructor, I was hoping to see on film what I can see from my plane, but this was even better. The amazing detail of 1080p HD combined with very low level flying has resulted in a work of art! I would even consider buying additional copies as gifts for my pilot friends.

We live in a beautiful country but most people never get to experience this beauty except from a ground level view from an interstate highway. Add the third dimension and you have a totally different perspective. I showed the "Over Alaska" video to my friends over Christmas (to show off my new Panasonic 58" plasma TV) and every one of them was very impressed. Buy it and see for yourself.

The video itself I felt was very good in all areas of quality. The video was a blessing. The music was very loud and somewhat brash guess they were trying to impart a feeling of excitement. I would have much preferred relaxing music to go along with it. The music was my only complaint.

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I had just asked for a full refund by e-mail on the basis of the poor resolution in this blu ray.

The resolution of this blu ray is worse than DVD and is totally unacceptable for blu ray. All the screens flicker and are aching / hurting the eyes. "Dog teeths" on all building edge, coastlines, rails, etc. Even screens of crop fields view and building view flicker.

There are not much verbal narration. Over 85% are background music.

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I was awestruck at the quality of the visuals, just stunning. The only flaw was that the " Over America" episode didn't show Florida, the Great Plains, the Dakotas region, and the northwest, and i think the New England region. Other than that,it's definitely worth buying. I don't regret the purchase.

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