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Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy (2007)

Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and FluffyI can't wait to see him live later this year. I'm a big fan of his, and this made me like him even more. The end joke about the two "hoochies" following his car and then both of the cars getting pulled over. The punchline was priceless. I sure hope he doesn't get too political with his comedy, but it was a 5 star stand up. If anyone wants to know, there's some jokes that get repeated but other than that, it's pretty much new material. Which is a good thing with an uprising comic. Check it out folks!

(I have a feeling all reviews for this DVD is going to have at least one "fluffy" reference...)

Gabriel Iglesias is absolutely hysterical on this DVD! His CD Pikachu I See You is great and his Comedy Central appearances are always terrific and this DVD is no exception. His stories, his voices & impressions and just generally outrageous and still totally adorable delivery makes this DVD a MUST HAVE for anyone who likes to laugh!!!

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1 Simply awful

Gabriel Iglesias is one funny dude. He has a lot of energy for a fluffy guy. I remember him when he was on the Nickelodeon show All That and he was funny on there. I didn't see anything of him for a couple years until I saw him on Comedy Central Presents (which was awesome). This routine is even better, partly because it's longer than the last one, and because it's got funnier stuff. He's great with impersonations, goofy voices, and sound effects. I hope to see more of him in the future, both in stand up and movies.

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Gabriel Iglesias is overweight. If you've never seen him perform before it will be the first thing you notice. I showed this DVD to some friends of mine and when they first saw Gabriel come out on stage they couldn't believe how big he was. In fact, they focused on it so much I didn't think they were going to give him a chance. Well, less than 5 minutes in we were all laughing uncontrollably. You almost forget about his size even when his material is about his weight. His talent for comedy far outweighs his number of lbs. When I watch standup comedy I look for three things. Materiel, storytelling, and sound effects. There are a lot of successful comedians out there and most only have one of these talents. Gabriel has great material, his storytelling is some of the best I've heard (especially when telling the stories about when he's dealing with the cops), and his sound effects are also top notch (love the police siren and motor vehicles). Heck he even does great impressions from presidents, to a state trooper from the south, to an elderly Korean woman. Bottom line is that it's a great DVD from a great standup comedian who will hopefully be doing comedy for many years to come.

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A friend told me to watch his show on Comedy Central. Gabriel Iglesias is HILARIOUS. He does excellent sound effects. Like many great comedians he talk about things that happen in his life and he's not afraid to laugh at himself. Would love to see one of his live shows one day.

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