Sunday, October 20, 2013

Disney Pixar Ultimate Blu-ray Collection (2008)

Disney Pixar Ultimate Blu-ray CollectionI learned the hard way, when I missed Wal-E in it's original theatrical run, that you cannot sleep on ANY Pixar film. The stories are always good and the artwork/technology are always showing you something a little new. Now with Blu-ray you can see Pixar movies in High-Definition and experience them on a new level. Pause nearly any scene and just explore the frame examining the detailsit's incredible.

I was able to get this set through the Disney Movie Club and it was worth every penny. You're paying about $31 per Movie in the set (which include the DVD and Digital copies, bonus discs for each) and the box itself is actually very cool (much better than photoshoppy product picture shown here).

Easy 5-stars.

If your ready to start your Pixar collection on Blu ray, this is the box set to get. CARS, BUGS LIFE,MONSTERS INC,WALL E,RATATOUILLE and PIXAR SHORTS VOL 1 all wrapped in a nice blu ray collectors box.Each movie is packaged extactly like if you were to buy them seperately. Monsters inc for example has 4 discs in its case. I bought mine when it was $119.00 and feel I got a great deal. I looked all over the place to price check this set and no 1 seemed to carry it.

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We wanted to start collecting the Pixar movies for our son and this was a good start. Many of them came with a digital copy as well so we could put them on my laptop. The packaging was a little inconsistent but all the movies work so that's what matters.

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This collection is our family favorite. Purchased as a gift for my kids and we watch the movies at least once a week.

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