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Deep Blue Sea / The Long Kiss Goodnight / Snakes on a Plane (Triple Feature) (2012)

Deep Blue Sea / The Long Kiss Goodnight / Snakes on a PlaneThis triple feature of Blu-ray movies focuses on actor Samuel L. Jackson and includes three interesting flicks of his.

Deep Blue Sea: Director Renny Harlin ("Cliffhanger") brings us to a lavish and expensive lab out in the middle of the ocean, where some scientists lead by Saffron Burrows ("Wing Commander") and others experimented with gene therapy to increase the brain mass of sharks. This is so a protein can be harvested that would lead to a cure for alzheimer's in humans. Well that would be all fine and dandy except for the fact that the increased brain activity and mass breeds a new, smarter shark. Jackson plays an investor who has his own past and meets an untimely demise (leading to one of the films both funniest and shocking moments) and Thomas Jane ("The Punisher") also has a good showing. Probably the funniest and most surprising turn here was from LL Cool J who proved back then he was a good actor, much like he is now.

As for the movie itself, there's the expected disaster cliches, once the sharks band together and start causing destruction to the expensive and fragile underwater lab (I mean who could've predicted genetically engineered sharks would want to wreak havoc on their human experimenters?). There's enough good jolts and escapes from the sharks to keep most action/thriller fans interested, the humor by Jackson, LL and others is good (though some of the stuff by Michael Rapaport feels forced). It's nothing if not very predictable but at least it's fun to watch. **1/2 out 4 stars.

The Long Kiss Goodnight: Once again director Renny Harlin ("Die Hard 2") is at the helm with this action flick where Geena Davis ("A League of Their Own") is a mother and living a happy life, but soon memories start flooding back and she realizes she was a former assassin. Jackson plays a detective who keeps helping Davis piece together her memory and they both keep trying to evade agents out to get them. At least this is a different type of role for Davis as she actually looks somewhat convincing in the action sequences, Jackson is his usual funny and cool self. It's a pretty basic action flick though, with some twists and turns (most if not all are expected), but it's decent enough and a breeze to sit through. **1/2 out of 4 stars.

Snakes On A Plane: So Jackson is an FBI agent escorting a key witness on a flight so he can give a testimony that would land a mobster in jail for a good long while. So this mobster does the logical thing, which is hire a hitman and have him sneak on the plane to kill the witness... wait no, he has a woman pose as a flight attendant who then kills the witness by slamming her drink cart into his head over and over. No, he has a guy sabotage the plane so it crashes an hour into taking off. Actually what he does is the most logical, he has a bunch of snakes put into the plane so they will come out, bite and kill this witness.

I mean really, that's what the movie is, but then again would a movie called "Snakes On A Plane" be something anyone would think those involved in put a lot into? I mean the title alone is the selling point, Jackson even said once in an interview he insisted the movie's title not be changed from "Snakes On A Plane" or he would pull out of the project. As for the film, it's beyond cheesy in every sense, the snakes look silly, the "plot" is thin and basic, Jackson utters the best line in the movie, which will have you laughing quite loudly. "Snakes On A Plane" won't win any awards and it shouldn't but as far as fun flicks go, it's fun more often than it isn't. ** out of 4 stars.

So again this triple feature is well worth the money, Samuel L. Jackson is one of my favorite actors and these films while not great are at least fun and Jackson is a blast to watch in them all.

despite some marginal reviews, I always liked Deep Blue Sea and had the DVD. Also had the DVD of Long Kiss Goodnight.

Upgraded to BluRay and picked up Snakes on a Plane at the same time. Haven't viewed Long Kiss Goodnight yet but I thought

the PQ on the other two was fairly good. Only drawback for me, saw it was on sale at Fry's for 12.99 vs the 19.99 I paid.

Oh well, it's all in the timing.

Buy Deep Blue Sea / The Long Kiss Goodnight / Snakes on a Plane (Triple Feature) (2012) Now

This triple feature includes three magnificently cheesy movies. They make for a fun Saturday on the couch, and if that's what you expect going in, there's no reason for anyone to be disappointed. The first and last are two decent B-movie-esque features. Deep Blue Sea and Snakes on a Plane require no explanations. One is 'sharks in an underwater research facility', and the other is...well, duh.

The Long Kiss Goodnight is the center film, and that position is perfect to me because it's the glue that holds the entire package together. It's the best film of the three by a decent margin, mostly due to Shane Black's signature wit, but the other two are equally fun and over-the-top. Well, maybe it doesn't get more over-the-top than Snakes on a Plane. Nevertheless, if you're looking to veg out and kill a boring day, pop in one of these, or make it a Sam Jackson marathon.

The picture and audio are nothing to write home about, but WB delivers more than serviceable transfers for all three. One of the best things about the package is that it can be had for decent prices from pretty much any retailer, so I would definitely recommend picking it up.

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Are these movies "bad?" Not really, but they are definatley movies that grew on me like a fungus.But in a good way. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this triple shot of Sam Jackson (even if he doesn't make it to the end credits of one of them.). Plenty of check-your-brain-at-the-door action, cheesy one-liners, and a little eye candy make this triple pack my go to on days when I want to watch something, but I don't know exactly what I want to watch.

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