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Dark Angel (1990)

Dark AngelThis is by far Dolph Lundgren's best movie. He has often came across a bit stiff in his movies as Arnold Schwarzenegger did in some of his first films like Commando. In this movie Lundgren seems comfortable and it shows. I think Dolph Lundgren and Brian Benben were a good match up here. The chemistry is like putting Devito with Schwarzenegger in "Twins". Add in Lundgren's love interest, Betsy Brantley, one really mean alien played by Matthias Hues, and you have a great cast. This movie has an excellent story line, good direction, and super sets and music. There is plenty of action and the movie has a nice pace. Add in some really cool weapons, and lookout. When two aliens that look human land on the planet there is never a dull moment. One of the aliens extracts endorphines from humans as a drug for other aliens. The other alien that has landed on Earth is a lawman and was sent to track the drug dealer. He will need Lundgren's and Benben's help to catch him. Throw in the fact that the alien drug dealer takes on drug dealers on Earth and you have non stop action. Don't miss this movie. Any fan of the TV series "Miami Vice", or the movies "Predator" and "Blade Runner", should like it. It's like they combined some Police versus drug dealers with some strange aliens thrown in to the mix with some great supporting roles. I love Caine's friend at the University, but he needs to switch to decaf instead of all that Jolt or whatever he's drinking. I can't believe they haven't put this on DVD yet. I will snap it up when they do.

ADDENDUM: This movie is now available on Amazon Prime Dark Angel, DVD Dark Angel, and in August it will be out in Blu-ray Dark Angel [Blu-ray].

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This is one of the scariest and funniest movies Dolph Lundgren ever did. I enjoy it immensely and I'm disappointed to see it so expensive and hard to get. I hope a Blu-ray version comes out as this movie did not get the exposure it should have during it's release Christmas of 1990. I am kind of surprised so few have heard of this SciFi with aliens coming to Earth. Police detectives Lundgren and Benben try to figure out what exactly they are doing after some drug dealers and civilians are murdered. At a drug dealers they find several dead bodies and a unusual sharp metal CD stuck to a speaker magnet. The guy they take it to for analysis at the university looks like he has been drinking Jolt and taking amphetamines. The whole movie has a mix of good SciFi drama and comedy. I had never seen Lundgren in a comedy before and this was a nice change of pace. It reminds me of how "Twins" made a difference in Arnold Scwharzenegger's career. Great quality DVD with plenty of replayability. If you enjoyed this, catch Split Second.

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i saw this when it first came onto vhs all those years ago, and just loved it. have been looking for the dvd, saw from the other reviews that it wasn't available in the US, so looked more, and YES!!!!!! its available in Australia FOR SURE on dvd ( i have it) BUT its called Dark Angel, so as long as you have a multizone dvdplayer get this on dvd and continue to enjoy it in all its glory. certainly one of dolphs best, good action and killer aliens!

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I Come In Peace, is pretty well acted. The plot is exciting and as sci-fi goes in a pretty what if? beleivable sort of way. I Come In Peace is at times a good balance between both the funny and serious in what I think are the right ratios.

There is just enough love interest without it turning into sappy syrupy muck fest. There is the tried and true action hero side kick angle going on. There are nasty stinking earthbound dope dealers born to be hated with every fiber of your being. Finally you have an alien dope dealer from outter space who wants to steal endorphins from us lowly earth creatures. To this space alien dope dealer all every man woman and child on earth are his crop to be harvested at his whim. His job is to simply supply the demand for a drug our brains make and that he has to kill people on earth well thats just the costs of doing his ugly business.

I Come In Peace contains lots of action adventure, shooting, car chases and blood of both the human and alien varieties. I Come In Peace is just plain silly fun on so many levels it begs the question, WHY HASN'T WE COME IN PEACE MADE IT TO DVD YET? Why hasn't "I Come In Peace" made it to DVD when I have seen so many lesser quality or purely lame Sci-Fi movies come out on DVD. Dracula 3000 comes immediately to mind as the lamest alien \ horror hybred movie maker tripe yet to make DVD. I Come In Peace is of a level of quality so superior to Dracula 3000 that it hardly rates honest comparision.

Here is hoping the studios do the right thing and release I Come In Peace on DVD. Reading the other reviewers for I Come In Peace convinces me that I am not alone in thinking I Come In Peace is both worthy of DVD status and quite marketable as well. I Come In Peace is some of Dolph Lundgren's best work. Who knows the studios might hear our requests for I Come In Peace to be released on DVD because every so often studios DO actually listen to their customers! We can at least live in hope.

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Loved this movie. Would like to see it again...on DVD. Must just be too much trouble to make the transfer from source tapes to DVD and why bother, right? Oh, wait, IT'S AVAILABLE IN THE UK ON DVD AS 'DARK ANGEL'. Here's a thought: just transfer it over to Region 1 DVD and give us the frakin' movie!!!

Cheesy acting, corny set & costume design -great story and premise. What more could you want from a 1990 action flick? I fell in love with the band XYZ because of their song in this movie (Maggy) that the hot girl (played by Mimi Cochran) is playing on her radio while working on a car in her garage. Back then, you had to "special order" stuff like that that you couldn't just walk into a store and buy off the shelf. Not around here anyway. I did finally get it and I have been a fan ever since. (Just search for "XYZ Maggy" on youtube.)

Now I wish I could buy this on DVD, because I want to see this movie again, and I prefer not to buy it on VHS.

This is my favorite Dolph Lundgren movie, and Matthias Hues playing the bad guy (alien) is perfect opposite him, with the killer arsenal of exotic alien weaponry that includes a device that extracts heroin-induced endorphins from his victims' brains...and the process is lethal (like a spike driven through your skull can be). The other cool weapon is a CD-looking buzzsaw type projectile that zips around at impossibly high speeds when the alien throws it at his victims. No one stood a chance...except Dolph. Throw in a ton of cheesy one-liners, and you've got a good solid '80s style action flick that should have made Arnold Schwarzenegger feel at least a little apprehensive that Dolph *might* catch up to him in popularity. I personally like Dolph as much as Arnold, but Dolph's career just never did take off like the "Toiminator's".

It's cheesy action at its best, but I'm not that hard to please, really.

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