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Big Business (1988)

Big BusinessI am SOOO HAPPY this is finally being released on DVD (my VHS copy has been watched so many times, it's not that good anymore!).

This is a great story about TWO sets of twins that are born in this rinky dink hospital in Jupiter Hollow, only to have one twin from each set mixed with the other. It's a hilarious romp and definitely a feel good movie. I think far too many critics these days miss that point. If a movie makes you feel good and makes you want to watch it over and over again, that's a 5 star movie.

Big Business will keep you coming back for a great does of monkey business!! Viva Tomlin and Midler!!

So there's nothing on TV except reruns? Your husband wants to watch football and you hate football, so you go to the video rental to pick out a movie to watch on the spare TV in the bedroom? Hey, I've been there, done that. Now it's time, if you haven't already, to rent a blockbuster funny movie: Big Business with Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin.

When a rich couple have to have their twin girls in a small town, all kinds of madcap comedy starts to happen. First, the kids get mixed up. The rich couple is supposed to have two Bette Midlers, if you can believe it. And the poor folks are suppose to have two Lily Tomlins. But each couple gets one of each. And to make matters even funnier, both Lily's are named Rose and both Bette's are named Sadie. Each Sadie has a different personality. Each Rose has a different personality. Where do I begin?

The poor folks Sadie is a cow milkin', sweet singin' kind of gal who yodels and has lots of fun.

The rich folks Sadie is head of the family business now that her mom and dad are dead, and she thinks she's hot stuff. She's all stuck up and full of herself.

But, when poor Sadie visits New York, she has a lot in common with rich Sadie. They both like the same kinds of clothes, and like to eat the same things.

Poor Rose is Lily Tomlin at her best as a brash, life ain't gonna stop her kind of gal. Rich Rose is Lily Tomlin as an accident getting ready to happen. Poor Rose lets all her attitude hang out, and says just what she's thinking. Rich Rose cowers behind rich sister Sadie.

But when they all get together, the fun really begins, as ex-spouses and boyfriends find out they are attracted to Sadie, but it's the other Sadie they're really interested in. Same way with Rose. Country hick Fred Ward finds out he's really crazy about rich Rose.

This is a really cool movie, and I'm sure it's better than that old footbal game your husband is watching. So get hop, hop, hoppin' to your nearest video store and rent it. I'd say to buy it, but it's currently not available.

Buy Big Business (1988) Now

My best friend and I owe about half of our vocabulary to this great film. I can't believe it's not even made on VHS any longer, let alone DVD. ROSE IS ME! I know how you love to mix & match your syrups. This film is a classic, and the laughs won't end when the movie ends.

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This blu-ray looks much better than the dvd for the exception of the first few minutes in the scene where the mothers are delivering their children. After that you clearly see the rich video and the difference between this blu-ray and the regular dvd.

This movie is so happy, uplifting and entertaining from begining to end that I've bought it yet again; first vhs many years ago, then dvd, now blu-ray. Buying blu-ray will make you feel that you're watching the movie for the 1st time again and a very big difference from dvd. The title menu is also cool with the black and white screen split in 4 and background music.

I gave it 5 stars because I don't consider that 2 or 3 minutes in the begining of the movie of some graininess is enough to take a star away from this great movie and wonderful video quality after those few minutes. Also other reviewers have removed more than one star just because of those 2 or 3 minutes. Maybe they didn't keep watching after that?

There are many wonderful old movies that I would love to see come out in blu-ray even if the quality is not perfect but is at least widescreen and better than dvd.

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This movie is one of my favorites from growing up. I probably watched it at least 100 times as a child. I'm so glad to see it on DVD. Bette Midler(who plays Sadie and Sadie) and Lily Tomlin (who plays Rose and Rose)are so funny!

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