Friday, October 25, 2013

Another Stakeout (1993)

Another StakeoutThis film is almost a carbon copy of the first Stakeout, with Dreyfus and Estevez excelling both in their comedy and dramatic playing. Madelaine Stowe (Dreyfus's eventual girlfriend from Stakeout)is missing here except for a small cameo, but Rosie O'Donnell more than makes up for it as District Attorney Gina who is thrown in at the deep end with these two crazy guys. Initially this disrupts the smooth working of their partnership, but eventually she is accepted and becomes one of the team.

The quality control is high as director John Badham and writer Jim Kouf from the original movie return to the fray with their original stars.

This movie has a simple plot, but the charming characters, witty script, and well-directed action sequences make it an enjoyable way to spend one and three-quarter hours.

I can't believe someone feels just like me about Richard, and the ambiance and relaxation value of "Another Stakeout". It all works from Las Vegas to the end, even the Stickley furniture. The comedic relationship between the three actors and the script is perfection!

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Most of mill creeks blu rays are not the best print usually. Scratches and lines appear in many; the color in them looks bad often too. This one looks outstanding. It's as good as any catalog blu ray out there. The movie itself is a average buddy cop flick that isn't as good as the first one. But for once mill creek delivered a great blu ray. The sound is 2.0 stereo and that's what this was in the theaters I believe. Emilio Estevev was still riding high here. I can't imagine why his career falted after the midnities. He wasn't a problem drug abuser like his brother Charlie and he was dependable. Charlies movie career actually lasted alot a few years longer than Emilios did. It's a mystery to me but the man isn't even on made to dvd films or even a tv series. What a waste, he had alot of talent. Here, he and Richard Dreyfuss carry this average buddy flick quite well. It's a comedy drama type of thing, although hopefully they will release the much better first movie. Both of them however did quite well at the box office and Rosie O is even quite good in this one. I had to give this one four stars though because of the excellent movie print that mill creek used. For once you can watch one of their blu rays without any print damage at all.

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One of my all time favorite comedies. I agree that it is much more enjoyable than the first STAKEOUT and I recommend this movie to anyone who needs a good laugh.

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I just happened to catch this movie when it first started. I knew nothing about it but saw who was in it so I wanted to watch it. It is a serious cop movie that has a lot of comedy in it. Great cast & good story line.

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