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Uncle Nino (2pc) (W/Dvd) (Digc)

Uncle NinoI can't believe this is finally out on DVD!! I've been wating years for this! My wife and I were fortunate enough to see this film in it's very limited theatrical release after I saw an article in our local newspaper about the film which was about to end it's year-long run in a local theater. Granted it was a small theater in a megaplex, but how many films do you hear of in this day and age running for a year?!?

We were both deeply touched by the film, but even more touched after the film ended. The actor who plays Uncle Nino, Pierrino Mascarino, stepped out to a standing ovation and spoke to the packed house about the film and how important it was to him. He insisted on hugging everyone in the theater as we exited.

If you're a typical American family with 2.3 children, a dog, and are working parents who seem to spend most of your time working, running errands, and seeing your children on the way to bed, I strongly recommend you see this film.

A charming family film -better suited for teens than younger children. It seems more like a TV-movie to me, although it's not. While I enjoyed its wholesome family emphasis, the script seemed a bit too contrived for me. I think, though, that most family film fans will enjoy this one.

Mascarino was endearing as Uncle Nino Micelli who travels from Italy to visit his nephew Robert (Joe Mantegna), a workaholic executive who lives in suburban Chicago. The purpose of Uncle Nino's visit is revealed late in the story and prompts Robert to re-evaluate his priorities. Young Gina Mantegna (Joe Mantegna's real-life daughter) makes her film debut here and shows promise as an upcoming young talent in her role as the young daughter of the Micelli family.

While much of the story is predictable, the acting by the main characters compensates for this shortcoming. My favorite scene is the Carps' debut in the high school "battle" -the group's performance seemed convincing & very upbeat.

The film has its happy and sad moments, but, as is typical of movies of this genre, the wholesome nature of the film is the main reason to see it.

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This is a beautifully made family film. Joe Mantegna and Ann Archer are just spectacular in their roles as a loving married couple trying to achieve the American dream lifestyle for themselves as well as their 2 teenage children. Uncle Nino's visit from Italy instills the love and warmth of european old world family values through tenderness, love and music, thus reconnecting the family. The well scored and orchestrated music compliments the gorgeous film work. Highly recommended for family members of all ages to watch and enjoy together. Sit back, relax and enjoy every element of this movie.

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There is a DVD bonus feature of Joe Mantegna ("Robert") and his daughter -Gina -talking about the making of the film, which was

helpful in the writing of this review.

"UNCLE NINO" (Pierrino Mascarino) -filmed in Italy and Northern Illinois -also features Joe Mantegna as an out-of-touch, out-of-

the-house, father more concerned with his career than family. Joe's real-life daughter, Gina, plays Gina, his eleven-year-old daughter.

The 11 year-old, played by a 12-year-old, looks about 14 on the DVD cover. Entirely possible, as this 2003 movie ran for a year in a

Michigan theatre before its 2005 National release.

Also features Anne Archer (PATRIOT GAMES) as Joe's wife; and, rebellious 14-year-old son, Bobby, (Trevor Morgan JURASSIC PARK 3).

An old-world Italian with old-fashioned ways arrives the same day a three week-old letter is found in his nephew's briefcase("Robert").

The old man is a neighborhood curiousity and a pain in the butt to Robert. The old man is just another distraction in a patient wife's

life that has an empty space where her husband should be. Uncle Nino becomes her "oldest kid" as he needs a little "adult" supervision,

himself. When Uncle Nino is left to babysit the kids, everybody knows something "interesting" will happen -but Mom and Dad.

UNCLE NINO slowly turns everybody into a REAL family. He even gets a highschool freshman to quit smoking.

UNCLE NINO is rated PG, has no objectionable words or pictures -unless Abraham Lincoln is offensive to you.

This family film appears to be a work of love by the cast and crew. Of course, I've seen BETTER, and I've seen WORSE films, but this

is one that leaves a peaceful feeling in your heart. When the final frame flickers off your screen, you just might find a f-o-r-e-i-g-n

particle in your eye.

The price of the double disc Blu-ray/DVD is such that this film is a keeper... not a rental.


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We have been waiting for Uncle Nino to be released on DVD since we saw it at the movies. We had told our whole family about it and promised our grandson, who was in a high school band at the time, that we would purchase it for him. We tried to find out about the release for a very long time, but to no avail. We were so thrilled when we saw it was available on Amazon and immediately ordered two copies. It is a very sweet and heartwarming story and all of the actors brought it to life. Our grandson is now in college, but we will be watching it with him very soon.

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