Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Atomic Kid (1954)

The Atomic KidWith all due respect, it doesn't appear that the other reviews of this film ever even saw it or they might give more details. Rooney and Strauss come across a mock town constructed to test the effects of an A-Bomb blast. They don't realized that, of course, and Rooney pokes around in one of the fully stocked houses while Struass goes for help. Rooeny gets caught in the blast and becomes the mearly radio-active "Atomic Kid". Most of the movie's humor involves bringing Rooney back to normal and his mooning after his attending nurse, thwarting enemy agents along the way. And there is a terrific "Oh no, not again" scene to finish things off. If you like Mickey Rooney, or just appreciate the comic style of the 50s, you'll get a blast out of the "Atomic Kid". (Sorry, I couldn't resist that).

For some reason I have remembered seeing this movie from 1954. Had no idea I could buy it, until now. It sticks in my mind as a very funny movie from that time.Nothing like what we have today of course, but very entertaining at that time. In the olden days it was Jerry Lewis, Mickey Rooney ET. AL. In their time, they really entertained us.

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The Atomic Kid is a wonderful, period-piece film.In true, 1950's naive film verite, it has Non-Restricted Atomic Testing Sites,regularly clothed soldiers stationed in trenches, one mile from the blast; and, the piece de resistance, Mickey Rooney as a guy who survives the blast while eating a peanut butter sandwich.It's got Greedy Capitalists, trying to commercialize the brand of peanut butter, Swarmy Communists, trying to discover Mickey Rooney's secret: and, best of all, a stunning Co-Star,Elaine Davis. What's not to like ???

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As announced on "HTF", The Atomic Kid (1954), will be released on 03-26-2013, and published by Olive Films, with an SRP of $19.99. This Sci-Fi/Comedy, stars Mickey Rooney and Robert Strauss, as survivors of an atomic bomb test and it's aftermath. Radioactive 1950's fun ensues ala "Martin & Lewis" (w/o the singing). I've waited since 1995 for this film...and I can't wait for Amazon to make pre-ordering available(better sooner than later) please !!!

Have fun in 2013 :) :) :)


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This is certainly not among his best, but nevertheless good Mickey Rooney fare. More of a nostalgia piece, I remember enjoying it more during my childhood than I did this time.

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