Friday, September 20, 2013

Possession (2009)

PossessionSMG , Lee pace have wonderful chemistry in this movie i loved this movie its one of my favorites. micheal landes is ryan he plays smgs husband ryan he is also great in the film.....i loved the story of this movie...

Aside from all of the negative press around this film for years, I was hoping SMG could pull off a nice separation from her previous similar work (The Return (Widescreen Edition), and coupled with the screen presence of Lee Pace (The Fall (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray) what could go wrong? Everything.

The story takes place in San Francisco as the perfect couple (SMG, Michael Landes) live in bliss, they are accompanied by his felon brother (Lee Pace) while life plods along. To add "suspense" the camera flashed violent images with overamped music at you during various scenes. Finally, the bad event happens on one of the worst CGI Golden Gate Bridges you will ever see, and the brothers' bodies, lives and souls are changed/switched. From there, the storytelling falls apart even worse. The performances are fine, so I feel one will not be disappointed if they are big fans of Pace or Gellar, but the whole production looks confused and unprofessional (if you are going to pretend to film on the GG, check to see how many lanes it is it is 6 not 3; if you are going to try and show time passage by dates on cell phones check the actual date as they goofed that; the significant writing gaps once the last 1/2 of the film gets re-shot; Vancouver does not look like San Francisco, etc.)

The BD quality is quite clear, except for the stock aerial footage of SF (looked 30 years old), the alternate camera in several sequences (a grid looking grain) and one or two interior shots. The DTS was overmixed in all of the sequences that tried to provoke a reaction, but it still sounded clear and the channels get a fair usage. The supplements showcase the confusion that ensued in filmmaking and the editing attempt:

* Featurette, 3:30 minutes. A long trailer of brief interviews and footage. Forgettable.

* Deleted and Alternate scenes, alternate ending, 35 minutes. The actual deleted scenes only total a few minutes, the remaining thirty minutes would actually be the last 1/3 of the film. Once they made the ridiculous choice of filming the ending they put in the movie, all of the footage pertaining to the ENTIRELY different outcome for every character originally, had to be removed. Personally, for all of the problems they had with this production and distribution they should have left the other ending in place as an alternate/selectable version (like they did with the Law Abiding Citizen BD set). Cannot explain any of it as it would give away too much either way, but this ending was better written and more "shocking".

English, Spanish subs, Region coded A only. Not to keep harping on this, but the cover art has nothing to do with the film there are no ghosts, horror or other stuff like that. One star for the film, one for the BD specs and one for the supplements.

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I have been a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar since Buffy. This movie is another great performance. It is also strange to see the pie maker from Pushing Daisies as a bad person. It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

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