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Lage Raho Munnabhai (Blu-Ray) (Indian Cinema / Bollywood Movie / Hindi Film Comedy) (2006)

Lage Raho MunnabhaiHmm, A romantic Comedy about a gangster while trying to impress a girl, poses as professor and he sees the spirit of Gandhi, and uses Gandhian principles to help her win her house back? Only Bollywood and more specifically V. V. Chopra can pull this off and he does!

This is an absolutely delightful film. For those not familiar bollywood if you liked golden age hollywood and find something 'missing' in todays american films you'll find it here!

In addition the comic dual of Dutt and Warsi's chemistry is great...DOn't miss it

The dynamic duo are back, Munnabhai, the lovable gangster with his sidekick Circuit (Arshad Warsi), this time Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) is in love with a radio Jockey played by the gorgeous, Vidya Balan. She lives in an old home in Mumbai with her father and his friends who are old and retired, and have been 'unwanted' by their relatives to this retirement home called 'The Second Innings Home'.

As her father is a follower of Gandhian principles, Munnabhai becomes Professor Murli Prasad in order to impress them and also her in the process. He gets his inspiration after seeing the soul of Gandhi-ji advising him on important events and issues in life, when reading up on the life of Gandhi in a public library.

The villain in this story is Lucky Singh (Played by the unbelievably talented Boman Irani, in a fantastic performance), who is a real estate developer and employs Munnabhai and Circuit to 'evict' people from buildings and real estate properties that he wishes to usurp. The issue starts when Lucky Singh has to get a property that is being commited to his daughter's potential father-in-law as a 'dowry' and the house in question happens to be the "Second Innings Home". He manages to evict them through careful manipulation and they are left on the street .. literally.

The rest of the movie revolves around Munnabhai and his group achieving their end through , Gandhgiri (a world play on "goonda-giri", which means an anti-social element and a troublemaker), through non-violent and peaceful means to get their home back.

Normally, they say sequels have a difficult run to live upto. I found part one to be hilarious and this sequel is even better and rip roaringly funny. The key element is the direction and script that has been written so well without being cheesy and corny in its approach and without sounding too preachy.

This movie is in my collection and any day i am feeling down, i just play and its all laughter after that. The performances that shine in this movie notably is that of Boman Irani and as usual, the very funny Arshad Warsi.

--20 Stars!--

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The first time I saw a preview for this movie, I thought it was going to be truly retarded! But I have to say that after watching it, I would recommended it to anyone who's up for a decent movie and wants to kill time. It's not great and it's not a "must see", but it is funny and has an interesting message which it delivers through a mystical "Gandhi" figure in the movie. It's an uplifting type of film, so no drama, violence, or sadness.

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WOw! Long... and I enjoyed every minute. Will not change your life, though it does have a few Ghandisms interjected. I have watched and will watch again with friends. If you like Bollywood films, this will not dissappoint you!


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LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI is a sparkling follow up to MUNNABHAI M.B.B.S. Its strength lies not just in Munna and Circuit's chemistry, but also reliving the teachings of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Qualitatively, it's a worthy sequel and not to be missed.

Probably, this is the best movie sequel ever produced in the Hindi cinema and surely would be one of the top ten comedy Hindi movies of all times.

There are many more things that make this movie memorable and a treat to watch.... surely, something to watch before you die :-)

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