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Gross Anatomy (1989)

Gross Anatomy"Gross Anatomy" is a predictable, but heartwarming, little film about five eager first-year medical students. I appreciated the occasionally goofy medical humor and the fine performances from all the actors, notably Christine Lahti, as a rigidly serious, if ultimately well-intentioned anatomy instructor This film has been sadly overlooked for years; it deserves more than a passing glance.

For my opinion the year of 1989 it has been one of the most exciting years in the history of cinema. Three movies from this particular year changed my life. First Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, second Dead Poets Society and third is Gross Anatomy. the last one i saw it the first time in TV but i loved it right away. This movie mixtures two of my favorite items. Colleges and relationships. It has believable and true characters and most of all it has Daphne Zunigha. Its directory it is honest and modest but above all some melancholy corresses the story. I think the character Matthew Modine plays is a genious who he dosen't know he is genious. I loved it and i am waiting for the european edition of the movie because i cant buy it yet.

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Gross Anatomy follows one year of new medical students who end up together in a lab group and deal with the tribulations of their stressful assignments and responsibilities in order to pass. Matthew Modine plays the somewhat stereotypical "hotshot streetsmart bad boy" with some hidden insecurities, and his love interest, fellow medical student Daphne Zuniga (of Spaceballs) plays a more serious headstrong type who somewhat disappointingly goes for Modine a little too fast and soon to be totally realistic.

While the movie may be labeled as a Romantic Comedy, there honestly is not much comedy to be had in this film as it is not all that funny, nor does it really try to be. While the film mostly should be labeled a drama, there are few comedic influences as well as a vibe that almost promises a comedy but never really delivers, albeit a few scenes. No, this is mostly a fast-paced drama that at first feels as if it will not fare too well, except that during the second half of the film (and the cast's 2nd half year of medical school) tensions begin to arise, friction between lab partners and love interests as well as friction between students and professors.

What makes this film work is that while the script is not too daring on comedy or memorable choreography or even dialogue, it doesn't ever really try to be, but seems more concerned with building characters, ones in which reveal themselves throughout the school year in forms of deeper insecurities and stresses. While the characters do try and keep a professional attitude at first, the tensions of medical school assignments soon begin to weigh them down, thus they end up depending on each other emotionally more than they originally thought they would need to. This builds a set of characters who may not be the funnest people in the world, but are in fact VERY REAL. And that is where the film strikes gold. Some characters do surprising things that end up getting a few either kicked out or quitting. One throughout the film can either very much relate to it; either by the tension of taking on such a difficult field of study or seeing characters become downright raw with one another yet virtues such as forgiveness and grace play a tremendous part, thus the film does an excellent job of almost unconsciously exploring many degrees and angles of the human psyche and heart, showing that there is so much more to us depending on what situations we find ourselves in.

I for one very much enjoyed the movie, not because it made me really laugh or cry or tense up, but because the characters felt more downright HUMAN than most movies I've regularly seen.

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Gross Anatomy (1989) is a very accurate depiction of what medical school is like, but with a special twist: a carefree slacker of sorts (Joe Slovak) doesn't want to conform to the serious mindset that often accompanies being a medical student. Slovak's attitude and brilliance seem to work throughout the film, but is tested periodically by his peers and instructors who grow frustrated and impatient with his relaxed approach. If it were real life, I think that everyone he came in contact with would respect his down-to-earthness. Joe Slovak marches to the beat of a different drum, and for that, he is a refreshing character. "Hey.......tomorrow's tomorrow!!!!"

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You won't get large explosions, incredible lines, or wonderful camera work in "Gross Anatomy". What you will get, though, is a beautiful and realistic character portrayal of five clean cut kids who are trying to achieve the dream of thousands of students in this country: To become wonderful med students.

Matt Modine has to be one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. In this film, his development is staggering. From the moment you see him, you think "this kid is special". To see this beauty materialize during the course of the movie is unforgettable.

The film does a superb job of juxtaposing Christine Lahti's character (Dr. Woodruff) with Modine's. You can understand her dream of making her "best students into top doctors" and how Modine may fit this role. Modine's medical partners do a fine job of depicting some of the other practical problems that first year medical students may face.

Overall, this is a highly entertaining film that will leave the thoughtful viewer thinking about his own character development, perhaps juxtaposing it against one of the several fine characters in this film.

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