Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Going Down in LA-LA Land (2012)

Going Down in LA-LA LandI found this film to be a sexy, candid, and funny look at what an actor will do to survive in Hollywood. Young, ambitious and gay, Adam Zeller arrives from New York with the looks and talent to become a star but soon finds himself lost in a seamy (and steamy) underworld of gay porn and male prositution, dealing with down-and-out directors, washed up starlets, crystal meth addicts and the pretty boy Hollywood A lister. He struggles to find his way back to the road of stardom, bu first gets a first-hand education on the X-rated film industry and finds out what really goes on in the town's top talent agencies. But it's not long before he's reduced to working as a male prostitute, turning tricks with a billionaire businessman and getting a peek inside the closet of one of America's most beloved TV stars. "Going Down In La-La Land" is a sexy and scandalous look at the other side of Hollywood, where dreams are dashed and hopes replaced with heartbreak.

The lead actor is very handsome, appealing and is just such a nice guy. His roommate is full of fun and life and she is supportive. I won't tell you more about the film but it's entertaining. Good gay fun. You will not be disappointed if you buy the DVD.

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Wonderful story. Loved the ending. Totally beleiveable because the main character is so stunningly attractive; had he not been the story would not make any sense. Acting is absolutely great. I originally rented this movie; it was so good I had to purchased it.

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One of the better gay-themed movies.

Everything included: good story-line, romance, fun, deceptions, ...

Loved it from start to end!

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Casper Andreas is one of my favorite film-makers. His movies always surround real life people in challenging situations. His character studies of how these individuals react to circumstances beyond their control, or dangerously outside their comfort zone are always fasccinating to watch. This movie is no different. These are people you know, live next door to, are friends with, or maybe they could be you! And Casper writes tales that make you care about what happens to his get to know them and are invested in the outcome. He also knows how to splice humor into scenes otherwise filled with pathos. And in this day and age, it is heart warming to find gay friendly films that aren't necessarily about being gay...this is a story of a young man whose life takes turns that he does not expect, and maybe, for which he is not prepared...and we root for him, and his friends to have that happy ending...and La La Land doesn't disappoint! Buy this movie! And make sure you check out the rest of Andreas' collection! You'll be glad you did!

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