Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010)

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty GaloreCats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty galore was an action pack sequel. The reason I rated it so high is because I took my 3 yr old & 7 yr old to see this movie. It was perfect for their age ranges. My 3 yr old loved the animal factor and the action (the kitty litter scene had him laughing for quite awhile). My 7 yr old enjoyed the secret agent factor the most. Plus, with all of the celebrity voices that gave life to the characters was wonderful! Overall this was an enjoyable family movie. I'm not going to rate this as an adult. It wasn't painful to sit through. The CGI was fantastic. It would be a great idea for the younger kids for Christmas this year.

Mom of three boys.

I bought this movie to share a moment with my daughter. She loves pets and this was selected as the first movie in 3D that I was able to see with her. However, if it was not for that fact, I might not have been so enticed to purchase this DVD. The 3D effects are fairly good. The plot is ok. Did make me laugh at times. If you have a family and would like to spend time watching a movie together. Then, this is for you.

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Awww I love cats & dogs 2 even more than the first movie!!!!! I'm so extremely happy they will do another movies. I specially loved this two new agents: dog and agent kitty being fighting side by side. It was so cool and they are such a cute characters, especially when they are together. And the Kitty Galore with her mouse is so cool! Everything about this movie is totally amazing!!! I can't wait for more movies to come!!!

What I don't understand is: why some people gave it bad reviews? Some rated it as bad, because of bad shipping or damaged product. Do not post reviews if it's not about the movie! Post it to the sellers who you bought it from. It would have gotten better ratings. It's such a shame that some people leave bad feedbacks to spoil ratings for a good movies. I've seen bad movies and boring movies. ''Cats and Dogs'' do not deserve bad ratings. What can I say more? That it is my top-favorite movie from now on. And it will be a pleasure for me to watch it again and again.

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Hey this wasnt as good as the first one but it was darn close, plus the 3D in this was great.. MUST SEE

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This movie was great ! I especially appreciated the time put in to the 3D aspect of the movie !! Must SEE !!!

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